Workplace Diversity Sample Essay

Workplace Diversity Sample Essay. Workplace Diversity Sample Essay

Many complex issues are covered by the term diversity. A diversified staff comprises of individuals from various upbringings inclusive of spiritual opinions, ethnic characteristics and economic backgrounds. Embracing diversity brings strengths to the workplace, below are steps in the embracement of diversity in a workplace.

A well-oiled working team embraces respect, tolerance and compassion as its core values which is a big step in the adoption of diversity in a workplace. Being pre-emptive in accepting all types of individuals who convey significance to the organization and encouraging strong relationships which creates a conducive environment for the workers to learn from each other for the better good of the organization is pretty cool.

Various religions have different beliefs. Recognizing this will bring a sense of belonging to the members in the organization as everybody will feel appreciated despite their religious affiliations ( Dike, 2013). People from different religions may need extra considerations hence being aware and sensitive of this is a good thing. For example, some may need a few minutes of the working hours to go and pray. When such is respected, everybody plays his part and harmony is strengthened thus producing great results.

Communication is key for the progress of any given organization. Granting every member of the organization freedom to express their feelings towards any given issue affecting them as a taskforce is a big step. The members should be able to understand and interpret the strategies and organizational moral beliefs and clarify any unclear issue. Any ambiguities and misunderstandings identified should be addressed by involving all members in giving different opinions on resolution methods.

The value of identifying individuals not based on labels is a good thing in a diverse working team. Setting up time in arranging relationship-building exercises will be of great help in appreciating people from different cultures ( Hudson, Jr., 2014). Having enough knowledge on different cultures will help in the approach of handling different issues while recognizing cultural differences. No member should be treated or judged based on their cultural practices but respect should be paramount.

In conclusion, the advantages of embracing diversity in a workplace should not be underestimated. Diversity in a workplace conveys a range of awareness, know-how and diverse perceptions. Fostering a functional atmosphere that appreciates variances will lead to the success of the organization.


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Workplace Diversity Sample Essay

Workplace Diversity Sample Essay

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