Women Exploitation in Advertising Essay

Women Exploitation in Advertising Essay

Women exploitation in advertising is one of the most discussed issues in ethics, speaking about mass media. Women and their bodies are used each time when the product for men is advertised. Having considered an advertising of Budweiser beer as purely men’s drink, which is initially so, it is possible to stress the idea of unethical treatment of women there.Women Exploitation in Advertising Essay

Looking at this piece of add, it is possible to find the symbols of purely men’s advertising. There are a lot of small details which show that this advertising is directed at this specific auditory. The fact that women are underlined almost naked support this fact.

Moreover, we are to remember that this is an advertisement of 1980’s where the relation to sexuality was different as well as the relation to expressing it in such a way. Even nowadays, when relation to morality and its principles has changed, the advertising of women’s bodies seems unethical.

Looking at the ad under consideration, the following signs of the advertising for men are noticed. Three women in swimming suits lay on a towel. It is possible to see disks and beer there. Is not it a perfect picture for a man? Three beautiful women, it may be presupposed that they are on the beach of a river or a sea, and cold beer, not simple one, but ‘genuine’.


Moreover, this word on a towel may be considered as related to women, to their genuine forms. Body is considered as one of the most attractive issues in this advertisement. Unfortunately, women’s bodies are always used for advertising men’s products as these characters are considered as the most effective and the most attractive ones.

Chatterji (2005) says that “the questionable ethics of decency and obscenity with respect to women as associated with their physical exposure alone, is based on a perverse ideology dictated by repressive patriarchal norms”.

Speaking about these “patriarchal norms” (Chatterji, 2005), the following characteristics may be highlighted. Men are sure that women are to be slim, with long legs, and other similar characteristic. Using women in such particular perspective, men try to degrade women’s dignity having making her a toy.

Sexuality in the way how it is presented in this ad is something public, still, it is a sacred notion which should be available just for two people who love each other. It is very important to make sure that those who are involved in sexual relations keep this sexuality for themselves.Women Exploitation in Advertising Essay

Therefore, it should be stated unethical nature of this advertising is obvious. The main idea of the advertising is seen, however, it seems that women are advertised, their naked bodies and particular sexual desire they express. Genuine seems to be their bodies, not the beer which is actually advertised. The ad seems unethical due to the stress which is shown.

Directing human attention on women’s bodies, advertising tries to show that women are available for men, that their bodies may be shown worldwide, while many representatives of this beautiful sex seem frustrated and assaulted. People used in ads in such a way are the slaves. Their bodies are used for personal satisfaction. It is exploitation which is to be forbidden.

Ethics goes together with morality. Chatterji (2005) states that exploitation of women takes place only when they agree, however, such placement of women is public, therefore, the effect is spread on all women in the world.

Reference List

Chatterji, S. A. (2005, December 10). How advertisements exploit women. Gather. Web.Women Exploitation in Advertising Essay

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