Women and Technology Essay (Critical Writing)

Women and Technology Essay (Critical Writing)

Technology plays a key role in helping women to accomplish their day-to-day business and domestic projects. Studies have shown that women use varied technological applications and devices depending on their age groups. Gen X females, millennial females, and baby boomer females make use of technology depending on their different perceptions; nevertheless, there are women who use technology without regard to the perceptions (Gish, n.d.).Women and Technology Essay (Critical Writing)

Technological devices that women commonly use include cell phones, laptops, and desktops. They use the devices mainly for calling, texting, and taking pictures and videos.

However, the degree of usage in each age group differs. 81% of millennial females and Gen X females use their phones for making basic calls, while 91% of boomers use cell phones for making calls. 71% of millennial females, 73% Gen X females and 62% of boomer females communicate through texting. Apart from basic calling and texting, women use their cell phones for taking pictures and videos.

The boomers mainly exploit the third usage of technological devices. 43% of boomers use cell phones to take pictures and videos. This is higher than 33% of Gen X and 34% of millennial females who use their cell phones for taking pictures and videos (Bulik, 2011, p. 5).

Different women age groups use these devices uniquely whilst handling varied communication aspects. A majority of millennial females (93%) and Gen X females (97%) use laptops for emailing. On the other hand, 95% of boomers use desktops for emailing (Bulik, 2011, p.4).Women and Technology Essay (Critical Writing)

These figures let somebody see that women believe that technology has changed their lives. In particular, the Gen X believes that they are the best beneficiaries of technology. These middle-aged individuals derive their satisfaction from technology especially because technology helps them keep in touch with their families and friends (Bulik, 2011, p.5).

In addition, the boomers use desktops often for more “traditional” activities such as checking the weather, emailing, looking up maps, and web searching. On the other hand, Millennial females use desktops mainly for gaming. They think boomers use technology in an old-fashioned manner (Faw, n.d.).

At the same time, boomers, Gen X females, and millennial females view technology to have a number of side effects. One of these is that technology is changing so fast, therefore, the women fear missing essential and abrupt technological happenings (Bulik, 2011, p. 10).

However, I do not suffer from these side effects like other women. This is because I do not see technology in terms of real life verses digital life problems but as simply life. I, therefore, rarely use my cell phone to capture photos, texts, or for status updates. Instead, I use it primarily for making calls. A majority of millennial females use their phones for texting.

At the same time, the older generation uses their cell phones for taking photos and videos. However, I do not do the same. I understand that technology keeps improving, therefore, there is no need of capturing every small detail. In addition, texting is no longer fashionable for me.Women and Technology Essay (Critical Writing)

Calling enhances communication and helps to avoid misunderstanding. Using cell phone helps to improve understanding due to human ability to interpret tonal variations accurately. I also use my parents desktop to promote a boutique business on Twitter and Facebook. Evidently, methods of using technology vary from one age group to another; though, there are exceptions. My usage of technology, for instance, differs from that of the three generational groups.


Nevertheless, some aspects of the article “Always on Women” have significantly still intrigue me. For instance, the article explains that women have the potential to determine the future of technology. It notes that women take a lot of time on fewer sites and choose their applications selectively.

This proves that women are more interested in acquiring quality applications and superior technological devices than men. In addition, the article flawlessly clarifies that the ability of women to take time before going for first class services is useful in influencing technological improvements.Women and Technology Essay (Critical Writing)

Subsequently, Bulik’s article interests me in regards to the market figures it makes available. It provides that women spend $5 trillion every year and control 80% or more of household purchases (Bulik, 2011, p. 2). These figures imply that women heavily depend on technology. Since families commonly shop online, women use the devices and applications to meet their shopping needs.

This, therefore, means that marketers should become skilled at reaching their clients using modern technological techniques. A trader wishing to reach out to women ought to be clear on which modalities to use.

Therefore, in spite of the view that women are yet to appreciate the benefits of technology, there is adequate evidence that women form the greatest percentage of customers who use technology (Women Use Technology, 2012).

Women’s demand for quality products implies that technology developers ought to produce first-class applications and devices. Finally, traders should develop marketing strategies while bearing in mind that technology among women differs from one age group to another despite that a few women do not comply with the general convention.


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