Why is it important to understand the appropriate application of the term or concept?

Weekly Vocabulary Exercise: Health Care Structures and Divisions

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Weekly Vocabulary Exercise: Health Care Structures and Divisions

Complete the worksheet according to the following guidelines:

· In the space provided, write each term’s definition as used in health care. You must define the term in your own words; do not simply copy the definition from a textbook.

· In the space provided after each term’s definition, provide an explanation that illustrates the importance of the skill, concept, procedure, organization, or tool to which the term refers. In your explanation, you may wish to consider the following:

How has it influenced health care?

Why is it important to understand the appropriate application of the term or concept?

Save the completed worksheet as a Microsoft® Word document with your name in the file name.

Submit the file to your facilitator.

Note. You must define 30 basic health care terms related to health care structures and divisions in this worksheet. Therefore, in addition to the terms already provided for you below, finish the additional spaces on the worksheet with terms from your reading or discussion you were not previously familiar with and had to research.

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Term Definition in your own words Use the term in a sentence as it applies to the health care industry.
Hospital A hospital is an institution or a facility where qualified medical personnel provide medication and medical services to people that require them. My father was admitted to the hospital when he became increasingly sick.
Ambulatory care facility This is medical care that is provided to patients on an outpatient basis. After he was released from hospital he still had to go to the ambulatory care facility for follow up checkups.
Wellness center This is a facility where specialists in various discipline in health care come together to provide treatment to the betterment of patients’ bodies and minds. The opening of a wellness center in town will help release the work load from the community hospital.
Physician’s office This is a physical location where a health care professional meets patients for consolations primarily related to healthcare. I usually go to my physician’s office instead of the hospital due to the personalized care he provides me with.
Hospice care facility This is a facility whereby care as opposed to curing is provided to medical care patients. My grandmother who has terminal pancreatic cancer has been relocated from the hospital to the hospice care facility due to the increased level of care there.
Long-term care facility This is a facility where patients are provided with both personal and medical care since they are unable to live independently in the society. Alice’s grandparents are both suffering from senile dementia and are therefore admitted to a long-term care facility.
Home health care This is the care that is given exclusively from home as opposed to a health facility as a result of an injury or illness. Richard’s parents are wealthy enough to ensure that after the accident he got home health care for medical care.
Mental health facility This is a facility that is health facility that is dedicated to the treatment and care of solely mental care patients. Due to the gruesome nature of his crimes, the murderer was confined to a mental health facility to determine his state of mind.
Nonprofit facility This is a facility that provides medical care that charges little to no fee for their services. The non-profit facility is welcome surprise to the community since not everyone can cater for the high prices government and private hospitals charge.
Public health This refers to the health of a country’s population as regulated and promoted by the country. Public health is a good indicator of the wealth of a country.
CCRC This is an acronym for Continuing Care Retirement Communities and is a facility that offers independent and assisted living and nursing care to the residents of the facilities. My grandparents will be relocated to a CCRC after their property has been sold.
Emergency room This is an area in a hospital where emergency medical cases are addressed. The car accident survivors were rushed to the emergency room for treatment.
Physical therapy This is treatment of medical conditions using physical manipulations such as massage and heals treatment. The football player is undergoing physical therapy after a successful surgery.
Radiology This is a branch of medicine that deals in x-rays and high energy beams during treatment and diagnosis of diseases. He was sent to the radiology department so as to determine is his femur was fractured.
Pediatrics This is a branch of medicine that deals in the treatment of illnesses that afflict children His love for children made him go into pediatrics
Surgical ward This is a ward in a healthcare facility that caters for patients that are undergoing a rage of simple or complicated medical procedures. The surgical ward is one of the most sanitary places in the entire hospital
Oncology This is the branch of medicine that is focused on the treatment of tumors. That clinic does not have an oncology department and so he cannot be treated for cancer there
Ultrasound This is a scan that is conducted on a pregnant woman with the purposes of examining the fetus. Her last ultrasound showed that the baby was breach
Hematology This is a branch of medicine that deals in the treatment of diseases that affect the blood. They had to contact the hematology department to determine whether there was enough blood for transfusion
Cardiology This is a branch of medicine that deal in illnesses of the heart. The cardiologist told him that his thin arteries were responsible for the irregular heart beat
ICU This is a branch of a medical care facility that provides care for the critically ill. When his condition became too critical, he had to be taken into the ICU for further monitoring
Orthopedics This is a fraction of medical care that deals in the correction deformation or illnesses in bones and muscles. Due to the rickets he had as a child, he has to be in close contact with the orthopedics department to treat the bow in his limbs
Neurology This is a branch of medicine that deals in the treatment of illness that has to do with nerves and the nervous system. The neurology department determined that his main problem was a pinched nerve
OB/GYN This is an abbreviation for obstetrics and gynecology, two branches that deal in delivery of babies and treatment of diseases that relate to the female reproductive organs. During pregnancy, one has to visit an OBGYN to determine the safety of the mother and the child.
ENT This is a physician that deals in the treatment of illnesses that affect ears, nose and throat. Her child inserted a bean pellet in her nostril and they had to call the ENT in the middle of the night
Gastroenterology This is a branch of medicine that deals with illness of the stomach and intestines. To get ones stomach pumped after poisoning, one had to visit the gastroenterology department of the hospital

As you progress through your program, you are encouraged to continue to use your weekly vocabulary exercises to build a master glossary as a quick reference guide to use in your coursework and in your health care career.

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