which are the unique stressors that can be found in emergency departments?


Improving the Adherence to Osteoporosis Treatment By Using Structured Patient Education”, by (Youssryea, Ibrahim & Ek-Khedr, 2014). This was an experimental study of 100 women diagnosed with osteoporosis divided into 2 groups of intervention and control group. Results indicate that structured education given through skillful nurses were instrumental in improving patients adherence to osteoporosis treatment.

Strengths: provided relevant evidence supportive of capstone practice change suggestion.

Weaknesses: study was generalized to all female osteoporosis patients not just to capstone topic focus group.

(4) “Nurses’ Attitudes and Behaviors on Patient Medication Education”, by (Bowen, Rotz, Patterson & Sen, 2017). This is a cross-sectional study showing the importance of nursing patient medication education in improving treatment efficacy, compliance and adherence to treatments in general.  It looked at nurse’s attitudes, behaviors and beliefs regarding patient medication education and found that though nurses believe that patient medication education is vital for positive patient outcomes but there is limitations in this practice area for most nurses.

Strengths: Showed strong evidence supporting identified practice problem, even from nurses perspectives.

Weaknesses: was not particularly centered on patient population for capstone topic.


Workplace Violence in Emergency Medicine: Current Knowledge & Future Directions by Terry Kowalenko.  This article is based on a survey of emergency medicine residents and attendings in the U.S.  It found that 78% had experienced at least one act of physical or verbal aggression in the previous 12 months.  It also found that by the end of their training, more than 50% has been physically hit or pushed by patients and fear of assault was their #2 concern behind a needlestick infected with HIV.

Strength – This article is very thourough and addresses the unique stressors that can be found in emergency departments.  Offered many      good preventative measures.

Weakness – This article contained information on physicians and nurses, but the focus was on physicians.

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