What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader?

What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader?. Qualitative Research Assignment
Directions: Type your article reference in APA format and answer the following questions in complete sentences about the article. You do not have to provide in text citations in the answers. (2 points for grammatical issues) APA Reference (9.5 points): Critiquing Criteria (LoBiondo-Wood & Haber, 2010, p. 135-136) (.5 point each)
Article Reference:
Wilson, J., Gabriel, L., & James, H. (2014). Observing a client’s grieving process: bringing logical positivism into qualitative grief counselling research. British Journal Of Guidance & Counselling, 42(5), 568-583. doi:10.1080/03069885.2014.936823
1. What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader?
2. What is the justification for using a qualitative method?
3. What are the philosophical underpinnings of the research method?
4. What is the purpose of the study? 5. What is the projected significance of the work to nursing?
6. Is the method used to collect data compatible with the purpose of the research?
7. Is the method adequate to address the phenomenon of interest?
8. If a particular approach is used to guide the inquiry, does the researcher complete the study according to the processes described?
9. What type of sampling is used?
10. Is it appropriate given the particular method?
11. Are the informants who were chosen appropriate to inform the research?
12. Is data collection focused on human experience?
13. Does the researcher describe data collection strategies (i.e. interview, observation, field notes)?
14. Is protection of human participants addressed?
15. Is saturation of the data described?
16. What are the procedures for collecting data?
17. What strategies are used to analyze the data?
18. Has the researcher remained true to the data?
19. Does the reader follow the steps described for data analysis?
20. Does the researcher address the credibility, auditability, and fittingness of the data?
21. Do the participants recognize the experience as their own?
22. Has adequate time been allowed to fully understand the phenomenon?
23. Can the reader follow the researcher’s thinking?
24. Does the researcher document the research process?
25. Are the findings applicable outside of the study situation?
26. Are the results meaningful to individuals not involved in the research?
27. Is the strategy used for analysis compatible with the purpose of the study?
28. Are the findings presented with a context?
29. Is the reader able to apprehend the essence of the experience from the report of the findings?
30. Are the researcher’s conceptualizations true to the data?
31. Does the researcher place the report in the context of what is already known about the phenomenon?
32. Was the existing literature of the topic related to the findings?
33. Do the conclusions, implications, and recommendations give the reader a context in which to use the findings?
34. How do the conclusions reflect the study findings?
35. What are the recommendations for future study?
36. Do the recommendations reflect the findings?
37. How has the researcher made explicit the significance of the study to nursing theory, research, or practice?
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What is the phenomenon of interest and is it clearly stated for the reader?

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