What is the current U.S. population?

What is the current U.S. population? What is the current world population? Considering those numbers, do you think the United States is in a population crisis? Do we have enough land and resources to support a continuous increase in population? Should we, as a nation, concentrate on controlling our population or controlling resource use?
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Over population leading to a food crisis is a good topic and leads to food  manufacturers and producers using uunnatural means of making food look better, taste better (arartificially), and grow faster (of course unnaturally. ) This in return makes it unsafe for us the American consumers who eat these foods for survival. The current U.S. population according to a 2017 poll is 325.7 million. This number is a recording from a 2017 poll, and it’s currently 2018 and that number is even higher now obviously. The current wold population is 7.3 billion, and this number brings into question why hunger exists in such a worldwide crisis.  The issue of hunger and overpopulation does come into play when mentioning a number so big as 7.3 billion people. To supplement with this many people with land, food, and resources leads to poverty, suffering, hunger and a living hell as we do not have the means/resources to feed supplement such a large group of people. As a nation we should bring awareness to consequences of over population and concentrate our efforts on controlling the efforts to produce so many offspring’s if no means of resources are present in the taking care of them.

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