What environmental and personal barriers hinder communication?

Effective Communication in the Workplace

Organizations work to improve overall written and verbal communication to encourage a win-win situation for improved patient or customer care, increased team motivation, and supportive management. Effective communication encourages active listening among people and improved understanding of a situation embracing both similarities and differences in each employee. Let’s read the following scenario to emphasize the importance of effective communication in a workplace.  You are the keynote speaker to improve overall communication effectiveness in your organization. Your presentation consists of 12 –15 Microsoft PowerPoint slides (not including the title and reference slide) along with speaker notes. You are addressing an audience comprising all department heads and management staff. Your overall focus is on common communication problems, various methods of learning, issues with feedback, and improving over all attitude through communication


Please read the “Effective Communication in the Workplace” PDF

Address the following areas including detailed speaker notes. The speaker notes area is the white space  below the slide where you can type information similar to a Microsoft  Word document. Your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation consists of  professional color slides, with detailed speaker notes to include  examples to support each slide.

  • Describe four forms of communication used in the work environment.  Discuss the benefits and concerns with each communication method. For  example, body language, written, oral, and e-mail.
  • Describe four methods of learning and listening. How does a person  learn (auditory, visual, etc.) if he or she has a preferred method? How  can the person adjust to learning in ways not in his or her preferred  method?
  • What environmental and personal barriers hinder communication? Be specific and provide at least three examples.
  • What impact can diversity in the work environment have on effective  and ineffective communication according to age, gender, cultural, or  religious diversity?
  • What three errors do managers commit when providing ineffective feedback?
  • Describe three issues managers and team members face if they are not  prepared to provide instant communication? What negative result can  occur if one is not prepared?
  • Describe four methods to overcome communication barriers and provide detailed examples.
  • Provide three key elements with specific examples on how effective  communication can reduce errors, improve professional relationships, and  assist staff with clear communication.

Submission Details:

  • Your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation should consist of  professional color slides, with detailed speaker notes which includes  examples to support each slide.
  • Ensure slides are professional in appearance, color contrast, and font.
  • Provide references in APA format.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar. Speaker notes below the slides should contain substance.
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