What are the roadblocks that hinder HIS Application adoption?

What are the roadblocks that hinder HIS Application adoption?. Despite its data-intensive nature, much of the global health care delivery community has yet to convert to fully digital HIS (Healthcare Information Systems) Applications for managing information. Significant challenges exist across the entire delivery continuum for converting to HIS Applications, not the least of which is having a process. Software initiatives involving the development of a complex system such as an HIS Application are best constructed within the framework of a system life cycle. Read Chapter 3 (file uploaded). 1. Explain. 2. Why should there be an ongoing examination of an HIS Application versus moving to other applications that are newly developed or marketed? Explain. Note: Do not write introduction & conclusion. Do not plagiarize. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references.

What are the roadblocks that hinder HIS Application adoption?

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