Week 6 Purpose Statement Peer

Based on the work that you completed in RES/709: Research Conceptualization and Design, and on the completion of the Purpose Statement Worksheet, review and revise your purpose statement. Remember this is a fluid process and you should expect some suggestions for fine-tuning your purpose statement.


For the peer review:

  • State your program of study.
  • Post your revised draft problem statement from Wk 6 Discussion 1 – Problem Statement Peer Review.
  • Post your revised draft 1-sentence purpose statement for peer review.
  • Include a description of the population by discussing the criteria for selecting the study participants and describe the sample size and the rationale for the sample size. If the study will include archival data, briefly explain the proposed data sources.


Your faculty member and classmates will provide feedback in preparation for the Wk 6 – Prospectus: Problem and Purpose Statements assignment submission.


Note: This is a peer-review process, and the goal is to provide substantive feedback on the process of formulating the purpose statement. The focus of your feedback to your peers should be on how the purpose statement was formulated and not a discussion on the topic.


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