Tuberculosis Research Sample Paper

Tuberculosis Research Sample Paper

Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous contentious diseases which has led to loss of life for many people despite the fact that the disease is curable .

The bacterial responsible for causing tuberculosis has been living amongst human population for a quite long time dating back to numerous centuries ago when it was discovered. Since then, there have been efforts and different types of drugs and preventive measures that have been applied to curb its spread all being in vain. However the disease is currently curable and it still claims lives of many people either knowingly or unknowingly.Tuberculosis Research Sample Paper


The reason behind the spread has been majorly associated by the ignorance of the citizens to adhere to the precautions that are set by the health authorities as preventive measure for the spread of tuberculosis. The disease is not only a menace in US alone but also at the international levels especially in the third world countries which lack funds for fighting the spread of the disease among the citizens( Sulis et al ,2014). This is according to the study conducted by world health organization, Red Cross and the USAID organization in the nations where the tuberculosis prevalence is rising at an alarming rate. The US government has been at the fore front in the campaign against TB through the bilateral and also multilateral ties that it has set up in various countries.

This is perceived as a measure of global response to the epidemic and it has been financed fully by the federal government targeting the ,most affected regions across the world.Currently, TB has been controlled in most parts of the world but in other areas it is still one of the leading killer disease due to the lack of commitment in seeking a lasting solution to the disease. Poverty in most cases has steered the disease to become a killer disease in the world( Pareek et al ,2016). This happens because there is lack of funds to finance its treatment and also the resources in terms of drugs and medical personnel specialized in this type of disease are less as compared to the number of patients who are at risk of being infected with the disease.Tuberculosis Research Sample Paper

There are a number of countries which have put all the necessary effort to curb the spread of tuberculosis. This countries have become leading examples and they have proved to the world that the disease can be controlled fully if the necessary efforts are applied. The countries are faring better are USA, England, France and Italy which according to the world health organization statistics have proved that the infection case or the number of deaths form this countries are minimal. On the other hand, there are countries which has recorded the highest number of TB deaths especially in the third world countries ( Glaziou et al ,2015). They include India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Mozambique.

According to WHO , the number of deaths occurring from tuberculosis has been escalating in the recent years despite the efforts that have been put in place to curb its spread. US was ranked position 22 in terms of annual deaths from TB related deaths. This is a slightly increase in this worrying trend as it indicated a growth margin of 0.3. The above information shows that a lot needs to be done order to lower the number of deaths occurring from TB.

World health organization has been putting a number of efforts to curb the spread of the disease. These efforts have been implemented in different regions across the world depending on the prevalence of the disease in the area. For instance, WHO has come up TB eradication campaigns that have spread across the world in order to raise funds and to sanitize people on how to prevent TB. It has also financed research on TB in its bid to come up with more effective drugs for curing the disease( Glaziou et al ,2015). World health organization has also been working close with the hospital and other health organizations to put their efforts together in order to cure TB and reduce the number of deaths.Tuberculosis Research Sample Paper

The existing disparities in the treatment of Tb have been associated with the social classes in that the first world countries have the facilities for fighting the disease and the third world countries have high poverty levels. The most prevalence groups are the children. The young children have weaker immunity. Pregnant women and the prisoners( Pareek et al ,2016). This is because, prisons are usually crowded and thus TB can spread easily. Generally, it is because of the environment subjected to these groups.


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