Tolerance and Equal Attitude to People Essay

Tolerance and Equal Attitude to People Essay

In modern world, ideas of tolerance and equal attitude to people which represent different layers of society and different nationalities are proclaimed to be of a great value. It is stated that all people are equal and there is no use separating someone. However, all these ideas are not always observed and people still suffer from racial, cultural and gender prejudices. Moreover, nowadays another practice obtains more and more popularity. Very often, tying to guarantee fulfillment of the right to equal attitude, some people run to another extremes.Tolerance and Equal Attitude to People Essay

There is a tendency nowadays for the class-based affirmative action. It means that representatives of some racial minority, depressing class or a group which suffers from discrimination are treated differently and some special support is given to them.

Primary, there are some special terms for study in educational establishments which are characterized by lower costs or some preferential terms of entering. Being rather disputable decision, these measures have already introduced national conversation about the morality and legality of racial preferences (“Richard Kahlenberg: Time for class-based affirmative action”, 2012) and debates whether they should be accepted or not.

Analyzing this problem, it is quite logical to start with the main advantages of this practice. First of all, it should be stated that very often these measures are really needed, as it is a well known fact that representatives of different racial groups on the average have lower incomes and live under worse conditions than representatives of the majority. That is why, very often this practice can help them to improve their state by obtaining education and getting a well paid job.


Another obvious advantage of this practice is that according to some research, class-based affirmative action improve racial diversity, though not as much as policies that use race as a criterion (Kahlenberg, 2009).

These positive dividends cannot be ignored. One more advantage is that this measure can influence development of interracial relations between representatives of different nationalities in the country. As a result of this practice, great racial diversity could be observed in colleges and schools and students would have to build relations with each other in order to feel themselves comfortable while studying.

However, there are not only advantages promoted by this practice. There is one great drawback which this issue obtains. “The problem with affirmative action is simply that it treats races differently” (McWhorter, 2011). With this in mind, it is possible to say that it is a kind of segregation which is now officially promoted. No matter what purposes this practice has, it still can be humiliating for representatives of different racial minorities or other discriminated groups (McWhorter, 2011).Tolerance and Equal Attitude to People Essay

Trying to guarantee equality for all people, officials underline that some men still do not have the same abilities and facilities which the rest of the population has. That is why opponents of this practice say that the race based approach should be strongly prohibited as it humiliates human dignity. Some other ways to support people in need should exist. At least, the race based approach should be replaced with the class based one. It seems to be more tolerant than the previous one.

Taking into account all facts connected with this issue, it is possible to outline my own opinion. First of all, existence of some groups of people in need should be recognized. That is why, it is clear for me that some actions are needed to help this category of people. However, I condemn the race based approach to affirmative action. The main reason is that it returns times of segregation and different laws for different nations. That is why another approach should be implemented.

With relation to this fact, the class based approach seems to be fair and modern as it does not promote development of racial prejudices and further societys division. However, this solution is also not ideal. It is based on the ability of some class to guarantee its own survival. However, it deals with the information collected statistically and it can often be decisive.

That is why further development of this approach can be suggested. Representatives of a certain social class could be given different advantages only on their demand. In this case, their dignity will not be humiliated and they will not suffer from the stereotype based approach.

Having analyzed the data connected with this issue, it is possible to make some certain conclusion. In contemporary society officials try to guarantee equal rights for all people, no matter what nationality or class they represent. However, providing practice of race based or class based affirmative action, they still infringe rights of these people (Kahlenberg, 2009). Race based approach can only worsen existing situation and lead to further exaltation of tension between representatives of different national communities.Tolerance and Equal Attitude to People Essay

Moreover, it humiliates human dignity and make people think about their inability to guarantee their future and have the same rights as the rest of population has. That is why the race based approach should be replaced with class based in order to help people which are in need.

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