The Relationship Between Writer And Audience Essay Sample

The Relationship Between Writer And Audience Essay Sample

As we know that writer is a person who writes their words and feeling in various styles and techniques to communicate with other people. Writer produce different types of novel, short films, story, screenplays, poetry, essay, report, news article etc which brings some awareness to the public which may be base on the real fact. These types of article are published in media, book, newspaper and many more other sources. If a writer have great skill in the field of writing will write about the real fact about society. The Relationship Between Writer And Audience Essay Sample

For example the content may be about widow, culture, harmony, about super natural power etc which will be the subject of public interest. As the word writer refers to the ’creation’ of written language. Also the word writer has its synonym author. They may be used in different field like songs writer, film writer who express their ideas and feeling with their own songs, films or from music which they create. Some of the writer may share their ideas and feeling to the general public through graphics or illustration. There are two kind of writer, the written material may be fictional or non fictional.The Relationship Between Writer And Audience Essay Sample


There are various kind of writer now a days, government also have their own writer who write some content for government who works as non fictional materials which may contain documents, they may be of scientific nature. Some of the writers express their ideas through image which may be drawing, paintings, graphics or some multimedia. Some of the writer writes something of their own ideas but also there are some writers who write about other writer, person (criticism). These kind of writer may be professional or non professional some writer may get good money or do not get money. As the word audience refers to the mass of people who take part in some show, awareness program, encounter a work of art or literature in which they are also known as ‘reader’. And in the field of music or songs they are also called as listener. In the case of game they are known as player. The people may take part in different field from different ways. In some place people are invited who listen, read or play and they may do comment, clapping as well as reception. The Relationship Between Writer And Audience Essay Sample

As the audience will be more when there is any show, film, festival of software or hardware as well as internet. And this is the age of internet writer post something in their website and audience will judge, comment in such post. This is how the relationship between writer and audience goes on. Writer writes something from different ways and audience will read, comment the written things. Without writer audience are useless and without audience writer are priceless. So this relationship goes like two part of same coin. The Relationship Between Writer And Audience Essay Sample

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