The Profession of NursingNursing Education and Accreditation

The Profession of NursingNursing Education and Accreditation. The Profession of NursingNursing Education and Accreditation1: Identify the roles of major nursing organizations that have an impact on nursing education.2: Describe the differences between the ANA, ANCC, CCNE, NLN, and STTI3:Describe the nursing education accreditation process and its importance.4: Describe the types of nursing programs and degrees.5: Explain the purpose of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree.The History of Nursing6: Identify several key figures and events in nursing history.7: Describe the past image of nursing and critical related issues8: What is a Profession?9: Compare and contrast a profession with an occupation.10: Describe what powers a profession has in our society.11: Describe autonomy and self-regulation within a profession.12: What is Nursing?13: Discuss the ANA definition of nursing.14: Explain the meaning of caring to nursing.15: Compare and contrast the art of nursing with the science of nursing.16: Compare and contrast the major nursing roles.Nursing as a Profession17: Explain how a nurse enters the profession.18: Describe the current ethnic/gender characteristics of the nursing profession.19: Explain the relevance of standards to the nursing profession.20: Compare and contrast Nurse Practice Act and Nursing Standards of Care.21: Discuss the development and roles of nursing associations.Define certification and credentialing.

The Profession of NursingNursing Education and Accreditation

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