The Oregon Approach Sample Essay

The Oregon Approach Sample Essay

Question One

Individuals who support euthanasia strongly believe that there is no reason why euthanasia cannot be controlled without an appropriate guideline. However, they also dread that guidelines cannot deal with individuals who want to implement euthanasia for ill motives. On the other hand, people who firmly oppose euthanasia do not believe that laws and guidelines that can prevent the abuse of euthanasia can be drafted.


          There exist substantial advantages to the Oregon approach. The approach allows people with terminal illnesses to hasten their deaths by self-administering medications prescribed by a physician. As a result, individuals can choose different aspects of their lives without the interference of the government (Thurston, 2019). For instance, individuals can dictate what happens to them and especially when they undergo social stigma due to certain chronic illnesses. The Oregon approach, therefore, allows individuals to either chose to live or die.The Oregon Approach Sample Essay

The Oregon approach advocates for the ratification of euthanasia for individuals in critical conditions due to illnesses that their anguishes cannot find reprieve in any other method (Thurston, 2019. Assisted suicide is considered much more humane compared to other methods that individuals may choose to undertake to avoid an extended death. As a result, individuals are spared from long-suffering.

However, the Oregon approach is associated with a myriad of disadvantages. This approach goes against the idea that physicians should be healers. Besides, there is a threat that physician-assisted death in the future can spread to other people other than the critically ill as well as vulnerable patients (Thurston, 2019. Therefore, placing the responsibility to end the life of a patient in the hands of a physician is unethical. Also, Legalizing physician-assisted suicide does not always work. Some of the patients recover their cognizance after ingesting the drugs. When such a case occurs many laws do not know how to cope with it.The Oregon Approach Sample Essay


Question Two

Attitudes to abortion are undeniably related to how a community views sex and the pregnant woman in specific. Laws that unwaveringly oppose acts of abortion are dedicated to some set of standards that necessitate females who become pregnant whether deliberately or accidentally to tolerate the course of gestation and delivery no matter how agonizing or dangerous it is. This is guided by the belief that fetal life is similarly significant than on the ground that distress is ethically improving for the females concerned (Berer, 2017). Life-threatening laws that oppose abortion, therefore, believe that abortion is unethical and no matter how women agonize they cannot be allowed to terminate the pregnancies. However, throughout history ethics have shaped abortion laws through reconceiving pregnancy. In the recent past, it has been argued that involuntary motherhood is not ethical. The laws advocate that life-giving as a gift through pregnancy can be withheld. Therefore, no woman should be forced to give birth if she does not want to keep the child. Besides, any pregnancy which puts the life of the mother at risk, safe abortion is permitted.The Oregon Approach Sample Essay

The prohibition of legal abortion came to an end around 1973. Before then many women suffered grave medical conditions and some lost their lives when they tried to self-induce their abortions or sought the help of untrained practitioners who conducted abortion. In 1973, American women were allowed to have safe abortions from specialized medical doctors (Berer, 2017). However, there are limitations and especially on first-trimester abortions in ways that are not medically necessary as long as the restrictions do not place an undue burden on women seeking abortion services. Women with health complications are now allowed to conduct safe abortions by seeking help from specialized clinical officers. However, those found guilty of carrying out abortions illegally can be charged for murder.


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Thurston, A. (2019). Physician-Assisted Death: A Selected Annotated Bibliography. LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL, 1-39.

The Oregon Approach Sample Essay

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