The Nurse Practice Act Concept Essay

The Nurse Practice Act Concept Essay

Purpose of the Nurse Practice Act

The work of the nurse requires knowledge, skills, and the ability to make decisions. Nurses function in a changing society and focus on different therapy and rehabilitation approaches. As the matter of fact, there are certain risks that the unprofessional and incompetent nurse can harm the patient. Because of the risk, the government has developed the laws that regulate the work of nurses. The regulations were developed more than a century ago and aimed to protect the public from possible harm (Brekken & Evans, 2011). The nurse practise act (NPA) was designed as the guidance for the work. The NPA provides the broad information, and the state can make rules more precise. Some parts of the NPA vary from state to state; however, the information, which every NPA should include, is the following, namely educational program standards, requirements and standards for nursing practice, licensure, disciplinary violation, and remedies. The NPA plays a significant role in the practice of a nurse, and that is, should be considered. The laws are not stable, and they develop and improve. The health care providers should be aware of the changes in rules as the ignorance is not an appropriate excuse.The Nurse Practice Act Concept Essay


 Make-up of the Board, the Requirements for the Registered Nurse Members and Why One Member Should Be at Least 60 Years Old

The primary objective of the Board of Nursing is to protect the society by checking and controlling the work of the licensed nurses. The Board of Nursing is significant for the health care regulation. There are thirteen members with the different background, age, and professional experience. Seven people are registered nurses, who have been working at least last four years (The Board, n.d.). Among them should be advanced registered nurse, executive, and nurse educator member who as well has been working for at least last four years (The Board, n.d.). According to the procedure, three people who did not have practice, as well as licensed nurses should be the members of the Board. It worth stating that one person should be aged sixty. The reason for such requirement is that elder person obtains more working experience.The Nurse Practice Act Concept Essay

The Requirements of the Members of the Board

The authoritative body that controls and regulates the practice of the nurse is the Board of Nursing. The body is responsible for making sure that the level of competence and professionalism of the nurses as well as skills and decision-making abilities are appropriate and meet the objectives of the NPA. The purpose of the functioning of the Board of Nursing is reflected in the following statement:

Ensure that every nurse practicing in this state meets minimum requirements for safe practice. It is the legislative intent that nurses who fall below minimum competency or who otherwise present a danger to the public shall be prohibited from practicing in this state (The 2015 Florida Statutes, 2016).The Nurse Practice Act Concept Essay

What Should be Changed?

One of the main problems that the sphere of the health care is facing nowadays is the nursing shortage. The Nurse Practise Act is believed to create limitations and barriers for the state to produce more professionals in the sphere of medicine. The lack of the nurses creates the problem that is urgent to solve. The higher demand for the nurse influences the patient’s outcome and the quality of the health care delivery. New educational programs should be developed for the state to encourage students to become registered nurses in order to improve the quality and professional level of the health care.


Brekken, S., & Evans, S. (2011). Strategies for Opening the Nurse Practice Act. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 1(4), 32-36. The Nurse Practice Act Concept Essay

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