The Individual and Society Assignment

The Individual and Society Assignment

What do we mean by the terms “angel of contradiction” and “status inequality”?
The “angel of contradiction” refers to Christians who are also homosexual and accept homosexual behavior. Because the Christian church does not openly accept homosexuality, these individuals have a conflict in which they must find a compromise between what their church holds as their ideals and the way of life they have chosen in being gay or lesbian. Homosexuality and Christianity are at odds even though there are many individuals who claim to embrace both-gay Christians-who do not find it conflicting to love someone of the same sex and to also love the teaching of their religion. Hence the “angel of contradiction” refers to the opposing ideas of Christian values and a homosexual lifestyle.The Individual and Society Assignment

What relation does the use of metaphor have to the way we live and perceive our realities?
Metaphors that are used daily in life subliminally affect the way one acts and percieves the world around them. The metaphors we live by are highly powerful. Whether it is “saving money” or “feeling down,” the use of metaphors creates images that we consequently follow and use to frame the actions of our lives.

What is meant by the “underside” of a social movement?

The “underside” of a social movement refers to the repercussions that it has on the those who partake in the movement. The African Americans who marched in protests with Martin Luther King do so in support of a greater cause. However, each individual is affected by their participation in the movement, changing their perspective and their role in society as a whole.


What does Bell Hooks mean by “talking back”?
To bell hooks “talking back” means speaking as an equal to figures of authority. She uses this to empower minority groups such as women and blacks to raise their voice and confront the present authority figures of white males. “Talking back” is a means of persuading blacks and women to stand up for their rights.

What is the significance of the connection(s) between Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King?
All three men were proponents of racial and social equality. Mandela was a freedom hero who often quoted Gandhi as one of his heroes. Similarly, King often showed that he was greatly influenced by the work of Gandhi, and all three men worked tirelessly to promote equality for groups of people they felt were underprivileged.The Individual and Society Assignment

What is important about Gandhi cleaning the bathroom?
Gandhi insisted upon sharing the work of the untouchable caste in India by doing the same duties as they were expected to perform such as cleaning bathrooms and latrines. He believed that in God’s eyes, no one was an untouchable and so no one should be treated as such.

What does W.E.B. DuBois mean by “double consciousness and the veil”?
In the phrase “double consciousness and the veil” W.E.B. DuBios refers to Blacks who have a “double conscious” mind in which they have to know when to act “White” and when to act “Black” because of the dangers in society stemming from acting wrongly.

What is the origin and meaning of “acknowledgement rituals” from a sociocultural perspective?

According to Robert Moore, what is the evidence of racism in the English language? The Individual and Society Assignment
Moore points out that racism exists in the English language through the very words and the connotations and meanings that they carry. He uses the word ‘black’ as an example and illustrates how most word containing that one word (e.g. blacken, denigrate, blackhearted, blackgaurd, black sheep, blacklisted) have negative meanings and mean harsh and malevolent definitions. In contrast words that have the word ‘white’ often mean purity and goodness. Moore points out that this is not merely coincidence but the result of decades of racism and a culture that has subsequently shaped its language to reflect the racism inherent within it.

How have aspects of the virtual world (i.e., personal homepages, blogs, etc.) affected the individual’s relationship to society?
Individuals now have access to a plethora of devices which allow them to connect to the virtual world. From internet on home computers, cellular phones, and wireless connections, individuals can connect to aspects of their society in a way never possible in the past. Through personal homepages and blogs, people can share their unique hobbies and interests with members of their community and meet people who share their passions that they may have never have been able to in the past. Individuals can feel more connected to their communities and are able to communicate with more ease than before. Even those who in the past have thought of themselves as isolated and exhibited hermit habits can become a part of an online community and share the experience of being a part of a group. The Individual and Society Assignment



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