The Impact Of Rotating Shifts On Healthcare Workers Essay Sample

The Impact Of Rotating Shifts On Healthcare Workers Essay Sample

Rotating shifts in the healthcare industry sounds like a pretty effective solution for the workers to get rest and live their lives outside out of work. Yet it isn’t effective, it’s actually a problem workers in the medical field suffer from since it disrupts their quality of sleep and life overall. The workers will suffer from the fact their fighting against their original circadian rhythm, which overall decreases ones performance on doing tasks. This also leads to an increased risk on many different health problems such as diabetes and even cancer. Although this is problematic there are still some ways to potentially help deal with rotating shifts and the disruption of their circadian rhythm. One helpful tip is to try staying on the same sleep schedule. By this you would be adjusting your wake and sleeping time gradually in time for your shifts. Lastly, an individual should rotate their shifts clockwise because it’s much more easy to adjust to. The Impact Of Rotating Shifts On Healthcare Workers Essay Sample


Classical conditioning is when one learns to connect two different stimuli, which concludes with an involuntary response. While on the other hand operant conditioning includes change in behaviors using reinforcement or punishment and generally has a voluntary response. Classical is also compliant while on the other hand operant conditioning includes rewarding a learner with a motive. Some comparisons for these two are that, many of us use it today. Some everyday individuals that use these conditioning skills are parents, teacher, and even dog trainers. Remember that these conditioning skills are very well known and important learning theories that many use today. The Impact Of Rotating Shifts On Healthcare Workers Essay Sample

Last it’s important to know that although they are quite similar they still have important ideal differences which help determine the best approach to teaching and learning circumstances. Something I have learned that is part of my procedural memory are literally the basics to do daily activities such as walking and talking. I learned this information because procedural memory is a part of our long term memory which is accountable for motor skills that help us perform easy and hard actions. The parts of the brain which is responsible for early learning of many motor skills are, the prefrontal and parietal cortex, and cerebellum. The cerebellum is definitely quite special because it helps coordinate our movements. It also helps create an individual’s personality. Yet any damage to the cerebellum or any other section of the brain can end up affecting our procedural learning. The Impact Of Rotating Shifts On Healthcare Workers Essay Sample

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