The Gospel of John Sample Essay

The Gospel of John Sample Essay

Response to Sara Jennisch

I concur with Sara that the gospel books, John among them gives the history of Jesus. There exists similarities between the gospel books as they all talk about Jesus cleansing the temple, His crucifixion and resurrection.  John differs from other gospel writers as he doesn’t talk about the healing of the leper by Jesus and his temptation in the wilderness  (Williams 6). Jesus broke the news about his death and resurrection to his disciples during the last supper (Mark 14:25). The resurrection of Jesus meant forgiveness of our sins, today celebrated as Easter. The big question is whether Christians value Easter enough? The Gospel of John Sample Essay


                        Response to Vanessa Stusek

I agree with Vanessa there are differences between the books of John and Luke. Jesus’ childhood is only talked about in Luke 2:42. Additionally, while John begins with the creation of the world, Luke begins with the birth of Jesus. His baptism is clearly talked about in Luke but does not appear in the book of John. According to john the Passover festival was held the night before the last supper contrary to Luke’s that the Passover was the night of the last supper. Jesus resurrection gives Christians hope of a reward in heaven. The question remains on whether heaven exists? The Gospel of John Sample Essay

Response to Darek Evens

I concur with Darek that the book of John emphasis on the passion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus as his purpose of coming to earth.  Jesus’ action of washing his disciples’ feet signified servanthoood and importance of loving each other. The book gives a clearly picture on events of crucifixion and after resurrection as it was written later than the other gospels. The gospel books emphasis on Jesus birth, death and resurrection. His death brought forgiveness of sins to all mankind and eternal life to all that believe in him. The big question remains, did an innocent man deserve die?

Works Cited

Williams, Deiniol. “An Evaluation of the Relationship Between John’s Gospel and the Synoptic Gospels.” Academia (2016): 1-9.

The Gospel of John Sample Essay

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