The Creative Class in American Society Essay

The Creative Class in American Society Essay

Creativity is an important value shared within the modern developed society. Today, the growth of such industries where creativity plays a key role is observed and fixed by economists. As a result, society requires the development of a new class of creative people who can respond to the demands on contemporary economic progress. In his book The Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida presents a new concept of the Creative Class of persons whose occupations, ways of thinking, and approaches to living differ from the traditional norms and standards of the working people who can be discussed today as conservative because of their visions.The Creative Class in American Society Essay

In spite of the fact that the American society develops rapidly and intensively, the transformation of the social principles and patterns is the prolonged and complicated process that is why the representatives of the Creative Class cannot recognize their potential power completely to contribute to the transformation processes. Although today the American society is only on the first stage to transform into the society of creative people, this tendency is observed clearly and the Creative Class can become extremely influential in the society because the class’s representatives are the driving force of the progress based on innovation, originality, and freedom of thoughts and actions.

The focus on liberation, individuality, and curiosity is typical for modern Americans who are inclined to use the opportunities of democracy completely. According to Florida, the Creative Class is the class of persons who work as scientists, artists, or architects. Thus, these persons use their minds and creativity to produce something new, to force progress. Florida states that these people are the important creative capital of the society, which plays a major role today because independent-minded persons have no barriers in their minds to produce new forms (Florida 38). While recognizing the numbers and power of the class, the creative people can rely on the growth of their impact within society. Although the Creative Class is oriented to the art and creative work without much reference to influencing this or that sphere, the situation can change tomorrow because today creativity and originality of the Creative Class is valued significantly.


The representatives of the Creative Class take more influential positions in the society because many industries concentrate on the progress of creativity, and they are inclined to adapt to the changing situation and to hire more creative people to create the necessary conditions for generating more ideas. As a result, those people who take creative occupations and succeed in their activities become the real goal of headhunters. The secret of the creative people’s success is in their approach to performing the tasks, problem-solving, and generating ideas. The representatives of the Creative Class are free and independent in their visions and ideas (Florida 36). Moreover, they are individualities who use unique approaches and methods to work as professionals or social activists. The set standards cannot be discussed as barriers for the Creative Class, and this feature is valued by the employers.The Creative Class in American Society Essay

Individuality in working and creating the new forms and ideas is the path to the further diversity of opinions and visions, which can also lead to the progress of society as the living organism. From this point, the power of the Creative Class is in their orientation to the progress without limits and barriers. Any limits can be produced by only their minds, but creativity rarely depends on limits. As a result, the potential for the progress and use of innovation is significant. The Creative Class can also be characterized as the class of X persons who are not only independent-minded but also focused on freedom of action and choice (Florida 36).The Creative Class in American Society Essay

The freedom followed by the representatives of the Creative Class provides the society with more opportunities and chances for the growth of all the social and economic spheres and fields. While focusing on the contrast between the Creative Class and the representatives of the working class, it is important to note that curiosity characteristic for the creative people is their power to complete the tasks and overcome the problematic situations with the techniques and methods which are not available for the representatives of the other classes.

Richard Florida’s ideas presented in The Rise of the Creative Class are associated with the vision of the Creative Class as the driving force for the American society because of the contemporary demands of the community. It is possible to agree with the views of the author because curiosity, creativity, originality, and independence of visions are the influential values today. To compete within the market and industry, it is necessary to be creative. That is why employers concentrate on creativity as an important attribute to make the right choice. Furthermore, the Creative Class becomes more influential in society, and its power increases significantly.

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