Terrorism Definition Assignment Essay

Terrorism Definition Assignment Essay

Terrorism Definition

The term terrorism remains disputed without any set definition for the concept or a broad agreement among scholars. An independent interpretation of the term terrorism; nevertheless, totally depends on an individual’s outlook. An accurate and impartial definition of this term can be grounded upon established international regulations and values regarding the codes of conduct that are legally accepted in conventional wars among countries.Terrorism Definition Assignment Essay

Terrorism is, therefore, the intentional use of violence or threat against citizens to achieve radical, conceptual, and religious ambitions. In a nutshell, terrorism involves the use of force and blackmail, and the actions are deliberate (Ganor, 2002). Additionally, it targets innocent civilians to provoke the government to give in to their demands. Due to its destructive nature, terrorism leads to massive loss of lives and property worth millions, thus portraying the perpetrators as an enemy of the people. Consequently, terrorism involves taking people into captivity and demanding a ransom from the government or the victims’ relatives.

Defining the term terrorism group remains disputed among different scholars. However, its definition is substantially based on the groups’ operations, beliefs, and codes of conduct. A terrorist group is brought together by various ideologies such as race, religious beliefs, and ethnicity. Therefore, a terrorist group comprises of individuals who have come together to fight for their beliefs or what they believe is legally theirs (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, 2008). Such organizations are involved in violent attacks on individuals they think are against their ideologies.Terrorism Definition Assignment Essay


For instance, a terrorist group that believes that their religion is superior to others will fight other groups not affiliated with their faith. Additionally, terror groups must secure funds to sponsor their operations. For instance, they are involved in drug trafficking whereby drugs are used as the legal tender for the commission of terrorist attacks. Besides, money laundering, an act of making illicit funds appear legitimate also finances terrorism. As a result, terror groups are able to purchase sophisticated weapons and recruit new members. Human trafficking is also used as recruiting method. Terrorism Definition Assignment Essay


Terrorism and terrorist groups are substantially related. As seen above, terrorism is a safety hazard in the society. The impact of terror activities have long-lasting effects on the victims and it is the role of the governments to fight against this social evil. All stakeholders ranging from the government and the international community should join hands and combat it through the elimination of their funding sources.


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