Late Verification

  1. In cases where verification of an order is late (e.g., where customers do not respond to requests from our Finance Department for identification verification to avoid cases of fraud), the order’s deadline commences from the moment verification is received. Customers may extend their deadline where verification is late or submit a new compensatory order if the assignment is “hot.”

Word Count Issues

  1. Page numbers are calculated according to the word count (each page with 275 words). However, it is not possible to apply the word count principle to technical papers, which are mostly comprised of numbers. We will set the price according to how complex the task is.
  2. Ordering a PowerPoint Presentation. Speaker notes are subject to payment. undertakes to provide up to 100-150 words per .ppt presentation slide.
  3. We determine the cost of online tests according to the amount of questions and on the basis of 5 questions to each page, a principle that also applies to questions of the multiple choice variety. If, for instance, your task has 20 questions, you will need to place a 4-page order.


  1. We will require compensation for orders that are needed early. Our representatives will provide a recalculated price and request a new order. Where one of our writers delivers a paper early without asking for additional compensation, we cannot issue a future refund.
  2. Where an order is late without the approval of the customer or without them agreeing to extend the deadline, at minimum a partial refund may be offered with the priced revised according to the prices posted on the website.

Order Type

  1. The customer should select the right type of order, e.g., “Online Test” rather than “Research Paper.” Refunds cannot be granted if payment for a service has not been received.
  2. When customers order “rewriting” our writers will paraphrase/reword the text uploaded by the customer. An additional compensatory order will need to be placed if the customer requests new sources, further research, new/additional sections or anything that is similar to writing text “from scratch.”
  3. It is possible our support staff will send messages to you so we ask every customer to monitor their email and profile page for such communications. We truly appreciate timely responses, particularly if a customer wishes to give their approval to a topic suggested by their assigned writer.

VIP Account

A free draft option in a “VIP Account” is not applicable to the following order types: formatting, proofreading, editing, revision, rewriting, online test, multiple choice questions, PDF/PPT poster, PowerPoint Presentation, and excel exercises. In addition, free draft cannot be provided in orders with 3-8 hour urgency due to a limited time frame provided to complete the assignment.

How Long will Card Details Be Stored?

  1. We NEVER store your credit/debit card information or any other payment-related information on our site. The only personal data stored by our site is your name and surname chosen when making your first order with us.
  2. We work with credit card payment processors who are certified under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
  3. The transactions are processed by the third-party, legally authorized entities such as Avangate/2Checkout, SafeCharge, BlueSnap.

How will My Stored Card Details Be Used?

WE EVER store any credit card details.

Can These Terms Change?

Changes in the permitted use will require your agreement. Other changes can be applied in accordance with PCI standards. No changes can be made without your consent.