Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay

Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay

Being part of the healthcare workforce is probably one of the most stressful jobs one can have. It requires a lot of effort and patience to be able to cope with the different personalities of the people one may encounter with the job – including patients and co-workers. At most times, patients may be the most difficult to cope with, their health conditions cause majority of the patients to become moody and extremely irksome most of the times. On the other hand, the same pressure that co-nurses or doctors undergo also causes them to become irritable within their work environment.

In addition to this, the deliberatly shifting schedules of healthcare personnels mounts up to the increasing pressure and stress at work. Being a nurse is really not an easy job. They do more than just assisting doctors and patients. Acording to Ellis Christensen, their job requires the most delicate part of taking care of the patients. Aside from taking orders from doctors or administering medications to patients, they have to be apt in providing emotional support with the patients. In addition to that, they also serve to bridge the communication between the doctor and the patient’s relatives (Christensen n. p) Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.

Stress is inevitable to all kinds of profession. Everyone comes to a point when one feels drained of all their physical strength. Even small things can cause stress like an argument with a co-worker or an unexpected penalty or difficulty in environment or even at home. Based on an article entitled “Burnout: The Effects Of Unavoidable Job,” the level of stress would just build up until it would reach a certain point that it is overwhelming, thus the term “burnout” is coined. Nurses live in a world of total chaos and entropy, subjected to the dynamic changes of human society and technological advances in the medical field.

Relieving stress is so essential for them to carry out their tasks the way they should, in order to attend to our needs as patients. According to Rebecca Maxon, in her article for the Farleigh Dickinson University she wrote that three out of four Americans claimed that their jobs are stressful. In her article, she quoted Robert Ostermann’s, a professor of psychology at the same university, findings that occupational stress rooted in three dimensions- “life situations, work and self. ” We must put into consideration the behavior of an employee towards his work upon how he address stress.


For example a nurse that is ill-tempered could easily get stressed by patients complaining on him. Behavior plays a major part in our stress management, the practical workplace behavior is to get things done as they should be and to put them in order (Maxon n. p). Conflict in life situations is also a major factor how one gets stressed. A married woman with children is most likely to get stressed because she juggles work and home activities. The work environment also affects the onset of stress of an employee.

Favorable working conditions motivates employees to be more productive. According to the “Stress in the Workplace” written by Bonita Long, stress could also be attibuted to work stressors such as depression and anxiety. Stressor is something that an individual regarded to be disruptive. Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.Emotional state of an individual also affects his attitude and therefore affects his performance in work (Long n. p). In order to adapt to these unavoidable, radical changes there are ways wherein one could overcome or if not manage stress.

Lazarus introduced three-main strategies in reducing work related stress: (1) change the working conditions to be less stressful like renovating or putting up facilities and equipments that will make working more convenient; (2) help employees adapt by teaching strategies on how to cope up with stress. Giving out incentives and perks on employees will motivate them get more job done; and (3) find out what part of the work make the workers stressed and try interventions to compensate with it.

Like if it is the workload, change the amount of work an employee should get done (qtd in Long n. p). Elizabeth Scott, M. S. in her article “How to Deal With Stress at Work,” provided six simple tips on how to manage stress at the workplace. According to the article, one must start the day with a positive atitude. At the beginning of the day, know the things that are expected of you and try to meet all of them. Then, stay away from unhealthy arguments and conflict among co-workers and always try to be organized.

In addition, try to make yourself comfortable at all times because physial discomfort is a great factor of getting stressed in the workplace. Also, avoid multitasking; do one thing at a time, as maximizing your tasks just increases the level of stress. And lastly, set possible goals for you to achieve and to welcome improvement in your work (Scott n. p). Nurses comprise the large part of the workforce in today’s society. Their job requires a number of tasks to be accomplished in such a little time. Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.

Thus, making their work extremly stressful. In this lilght, nurses must acquire character and traits that are efficiently responsive to stress in order to maintain a healthy and productive work. Everyday, we all have to go through stress. In everything that we do we are subjected to different kinds of stressors. Especially in our profession where we may encounter occupational stress and burnout. Different factors are attributed to stress like our work environment, conflict with our personal affairs, and our own attitude towards our tasks.

Stress may also come from our personal feelings and emotions like depression and anxiety. When a person undergoes depression or anxiety, he becomes more susceptible to stress. There are certain possible ways which we can do to aviode or reduce stress at work. Getting a time off from work by going to vacations helps out a lot in relieving stress. Motivation and active support from our direct supervisors can also lessen work related stress. We can avoid the detrimental effects of stress by living a balanced lifestyle.

Stress is the unpleasant feedback people have to extreme pressure or other types of order placed on them. Stress as a result of work is not an illness but when it is extended, or its intensity prolonged; it can lead to some health complications. Hectic job environments place high command on a person, exclusive of adequate power and support to handle the demands. Organizations and health management should be able to deal with stress the same way nurses do so as to avoid costs related to stress within the health institutions.

Work associated stress management in the nursing profession has mostly been researched from the point of view of reducing its effects rather than solving the real stressors in the place of work. (Burke, 2013).Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.  According to the nursing writing, different strategies have been emphasized to neutralize stress in nursing. The strategies include clinical supervision and time management plans, manifestation and peer support plans alongside diet and work out policies. While the policies evidently play a significant role in stress management, all the interests have shifted to investigating stress from an organizational point of view. This basically is with an aim to eradicate the sources of stress by putting focus on changing the material or sociopolitical job environment.

According to Boor man report, vigorous encouragement of an active workplace civilization and apparent relations between staff safety and the dimensions of service quality are set out. The proportions include patient wellbeing, experience and the effectiveness of patient care. (Burke, 2013). The report identified that when the staff support services were down to business rather than hasty, the ideal staff fitness and welfare, staff efficiency was enhanced. Patient care was note to be better, staff preservation was higher and sickness nonexistence was lower. Boor man report also recommended that organizations should put into consideration the accomplishment of communal health regulation, promoting intellectual safety through industrious and healthy operational conditions. The guidance also suggested that employers should consider adopting a structured methodology to promoting their employee welfare at work. All these approaches according to the reports are aimed at managing stress for nurses at their workplace. Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.

Even though there are numerous models of stress, the separation between the external stressor and the anguish response of individual is common to each and everyone. Stress management for nurses can also be divided into environmental management strategy and those approaches that seek to support employees to deal efficiently with a mixture of nerve-racking situations.( Mimura, 2003) Environmental management procedure emphasizes the arrangement of work environment to lessen the sources of stress for nurses at their place of work.

The approach of focusing on cognitive techniques is also very effective for managing stress amongst nurses at their workplace. According to the technique, relaxation training, music and exercise are also effective social support education is also efficient for stress management. Choosing an appropriate place to be is also a key issue in managing stress for health workers. Being stressed is quite a skewed occurrence thus assuming that a place is neutral is not advisable. Listening to music or having helpful sessions may realistically have either positive or negative effects on stress. Therefore, a place to be must be chosen very carefully with a lot of consideration.


Behavioral interventions are planned to help people live longer, feel recovered and shun away self-defeating thoughts. They help people to have a clear understanding of them so that they may live a more pleasing and happier way of life. These interventions are designated to help health workers or every individual increase emotional self -management.Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.  They allow individuals to change things that they are in control over and avoid those that they are not in a position to change. This type of involvement targets individuals’ thoughts as a thinking process. It has its basis on the hypothesis that changes in our emotions and conducts are determined by our opinion about proceedings that occur. People are repeatedly bothered by their examination of events rather than the procedures themselves. Being able to change the way individuals look at things helps in changing the way we feel about them. By being able to single out and adjust the thoughts that produce unconstructive feeling, nurses are then able to accomplish their ambitions and make changes in the manner that they recognize and sense about life situations. The whole idea seems easy but it has to take some time to change the way people act in response to situations.

It is a fact that nobody can avoid stress. Particularly, health workers should learn to deal with it, and adjust to live with it rather than letting the stress overwhelm them at their places of duty. Nurses are therefore, advised to keep things in standpoint and have a priority. Sharing fears with friends and relatives also helps in setting reasonable goals. Having good time with friends and family once in a while is also a good method of thinking over all the frustrations at the place of work

In a nutshell, it is not achievable to propose any particular approach for practical execution since the number of studies is too small to establish it. But in real sense, persistent job stressors must be recognized and appropriately managed if the future vision of a nation is to become a reality . Stress Management Within the Nursing Profession Essay.

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