Sports and Sociology Example Paper

Sports and Sociology Example Paper

Question 1

The whites and the Latinos dominate Major League Baseball. The whites are the majority because most of the coaches are white. Additionally, the majority of the individuals who own these clubs are white and hold high positions in the clubs administration (Trembanis 76). They therefore, dictate terms and especially on the issue of recruiting players. Majority of the fans are elderly white men who insist on the baseball culture staying white.

Question 2

The African Americans and the Asians are the least represented in the Major League Baseball. This is attributed to different reasons. For instance, the environment in which the African Americans and the Asians are brought up in does not offer a conducive environment to nurture talents.Sports and Sociology Example Paper


Question 3

Majority of the African Americans play in the outfield. This is attributed to their terrific speed and physical power which is essential in this part of the field.

Question 4

The above figure indicates racial inequality prevalence in sports. The presence of many White and Latino players in Baseball Major League shows that African Americans and the Asians are discriminated in the game. Players are not selected based on performance but on their skin color (BOPP, TURICK and VADEBONCOEUR 9). The talented African Americans have little or no chance of joining prestigious clubs. Political interference also plays a pivotal role in racial inequality in sports.

Question 5

The functionalist perspective best explains racial disparity in sports. It emphasizes on favoring the majority at the expense of the minority (DONNELLY 15). This perspective also justifies the notion that individuals from a particular racial group are superior compared to other ethnic groups and should, therefore, maintain racial boundaries. Sports and Sociology Example Paper

Works Cited

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Sports and Sociology Example Paper

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