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MSW 550 Discussion Module 2 Global Values And Ethical Decision-Making

Module 2 Global Values and Ethical Decision-Making

QUESTIONS 1 How will you model globally aware values in your decisions WITH CLIENTS?

(Globally aware means building a value system that is flexible and open to other people’s cultures.

It recognizes and respects that there can be more than one way to do something and actively supports promotes diversity: For EXAMPLE: learning new cultural traditions, Understanding, and use of others’ perspectives.

Question 2. Use a Real or Hypothetical situation that has or could arise and share how you would apply the Four – Stage Model **************

Sexual abuse of Mentally disabled person in the Home !!!!!

: Four-Stage Model of

Stage1 – Interpret Situation

Awareness of impact on each person

Inventory of stakeholders

Information gathering

Stage 2 – Formulate DecisionConsider dilemma in the context of new information

Review relevant principles, codes, laws, and policies

Consider advantages and disadvantages of each choice

Consult with peers, consultants, and supervisors

Select the most ethical course of action

Stage 3 – Reflection on Internal FactorsReflect on and analyze biases, values, prejudices Consider outside influences on the decision

Decide on a preferred course of action. Sociology homework help

Stage 4 – Implementation and EvaluationDelineate a sequence of steps

Work through potential obstacles

Complete the course of action

Document the course of action

Evaluate the results


EXAMPLE : Practice Exercise

Let’s try applying the model to a complex situation involving individual, family, community, and organizational stakeholders. Read the following scenario. Then, place the steps of model implementation in the correct order.

Tyrone is a gay black man in his early 40s. He lives in an urban community where he has found an accepting community. His widowed mother develops early-onset Alzheimer’s type dementia, and he leaves his job and friends and returns to his hometown to care for her. The community there is conservative. No one in town knows he is gay except his immediate family. Under the stress he goes from being a social drinker to drinking throughout the day to deal with the loss of social support and the challenges of caring for his mother. You work for Adult Protective Services and are assigned his case to determine whether he is neglecting or abusing his mother, after APS received an anonymous report.


When you meet with Tyrone, he is clearly intoxicated. He has attempted to tidy up the home, but it smells of urine. His mother does not have any signs of being abused, but she does appear malnourished. She is confused and frightened by your presence, so you meet out on the porch. By listening without judgment, you learn about Tyrone’s struggles and feel empathy for him, but you are unsure if he is genuine when he says he will clean up his act. When you bring up placement of his mother in a care home, he becomes defensive and accuses you of racism. Sociology homework help

Stage 1
Stage Components Implementation
Stage One:
Interpret Situation
1.  Awareness of impact on each person

2.  Inventory of stakeholders

3.  Information gathering

Find the Implementation Step that does not belong in this Stage.

1. Tyrone’s mother would be very confused and frightened at first. Tyrone would be relieved but feel guilty and ashamed.

2. You reflect on your prejudices and realize you have not considered helping Tyrone accept the support of his neighbors because you have written them off as homophobic.

3. The only care home available has a poor reputation; it’s not clear whether her care would improve. She is afraid of strangers but has old friends in the neighborhood who have stopped visiting. Her malnutrition may be dementia-related loss of appetite versus neglect.

4.  Correct! This step does not belong to this stage.



Stage 2
Stage Components Implementation
Stage Two:
Formulate Decision
1.  Consider dilemma in context of new information

2.  Review relevant principles, codes, laws, and policies

3.  Consider advantages and disadvantages of each choice

4.  Consult with peers, consultants, and/or supervisors

5.  Select the most ethical course of action

Find the Implementation Step that does not belong in this Stage.

1. If Tyrone is willing to accept some changes and some help, there may be ways of resolving any neglect without placement. He is isolating to avoid others knowing he is gay, so he may need to decide between coming out and placing his mother.

2. You recognize that all five ethical principles of autonomy, justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and fidelity are involved. You think of your client as the mother, yet you owe some fidelity and respect for autonomy also to Tyrone. You review the state laws regarding elder neglect and APS rules for determining whether immediate placement is warranted. It is not because Tyrone’s mother is not in imminent danger.

3. You imagine the consequences of Tyrone’s mother being placed in a higher level of care, versus supporting Tyrone in continuing to care for his mother. It seems to you that if Tyrone can address his alcoholism and isolation, then keeping his mother at home is best at least until she has further cognitive decline.

4. You follow up with Tyrone to make sure he went to counseling and is staying sober. You hold the meeting and neighbors agree to rotate respite hours. They are accepting of Tyrone once he tearfully expresses his guilt and shame. You document the plan and its implementation. Sociology homework help

5. You initially select the course of action of first evaluating Tyrone’s mother’s capacity to make decisions about her care. If she lacks capacity, then you will offer Tyrone options of either out-of-home placement or getting paid caregivers and engaging in outpatient counseling.

6.  Correct! This step does not belong to this stage.



Stage 3
Stage Components Implementation
Stage Three:
Reflection on Internal Factors
1.  Reflect on and analyze biases, values, prejudices

2.  Consider outside influences on the decision

3.  Decide on a preferred course of action

Find the Implementation Step that does not belong in this Stage.

1. You consult a peer who encourages you to explore with Tyrone how he can cope with stress without drinking, and to apply Gay and African American identity development models to understanding his struggles. You discuss with your supervisor whether his accusation of racism has any truth in it, and how you can respond genuinely to him.

2. You realize that your administrator is biased toward placement because Tyrone has become an outsider to the community, so you prepare to explain your ethical reasoning.

3. You decide to add to your original decision and ask Tyrone to host a neighborhood meeting, which you will facilitate, to address the needs of his mother.

4.  Correct! This step does not belong to this stage. Sociology homework help



Stage 4
Stage Components Implementation
Stage Four:
Implementation and Evaluation
1.  Delineate a sequence of steps

2.  Work through potential obstacles

3.  Complete and document the course of action

4.  Evaluate the results

Find the Implementation Step that does not belong in this Stage.

1. Once Tyrone agrees to a plan to sobriety and continuing to take care of his mother, together you identify all steps in the plan: Make and keep appointment for counseling, set agenda for neighborhood meeting, send out invitations, prepare to discuss painful topics.

2. You anticipate that Tyrone might face homophobic comments from neighbors or criticism of his care of his mother and help him decide how to respond.

3. Tyrone, his mother, APS, care home, concerned neighbors

4. You follow up with Tyrone each month and see that his mother, while not gaining weight, appears less apathetic. Their home is clean, and Tyrone is connecting with his neighbors.

5.  Correct! This step does not belong to this stage.






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