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MCOM 105 Final Project


Final MCOM 105 Paper (6-8 pages of written content and an additional page of references. An additional page for graphs/tables can be included in an appendix for clarification but must not be part of the 6-8 pages of written content)


Review the chapters/your notes from the text. Research a contemporary debate about one of the media industries (TV, radio, Internet, magazines, newspapers, video games etc.) and provide a thorough review of the arguments and examples for both sides of the issue (Ex. Internet—privacy, net neutrality  etc. Ex. Radio-1stmusic piracy, terrestrial vs. satellite etc. Social Science homework help


Begin by stating a question so that you can research both sides of the issue. After researching the issue, you can state your thesis/argument.


Ex.     A) How does television advertising impact children while watching children’s shows/cartoons? (Begin with a neutral question)


  1. B) How does net neutrality impact information seeking on the internet?


After researching both sides of the issue then state your thesis/argument.


  1. Television advertising aimed at children negatively impacts their intellectual and emotional well being.


  1. Net neutrality is essential for information to sustain a democratic and capitalistic society. Social Science homework help


You may consult the textbook for information, but you cannot rely exclusively on it. In fact you will need at least 6 additional sources of which only 2 can be “online-only” (.org, .edu. .gov) sources (and NONE can be online dictionaries or encyclopedias). If you wish to use more than 6 additional sources you may increase the number of online only sources you use but you may not have more than 40% of your total sources come from online-only

sites. All other sources must be published in book or journal form. Please Note: Sources that are physically printed, but are available online do NOT count as “online-only sources” (e.g. the Washington Post, Broadcasting and Cable, Feedback, etc.). In addition to the 6-8 page paper, your report must include an additional “References” page. Use the library databases to conduct your research.


Write a paper containing the following sections:

  1. Introduction:State the topic of the paper, explain the importance of the topic, what led to the issues at hand and summarize your conclusion. (Support and citations needed)
  2. The Issue:Provide an overview of the various positions on each of the issues associated with your media industry. In this section you should explain both positions for each of your two issues. (Support and citations needed) Social Science homework help
  3. Discussion: After you have sorted out the issue, you must discuss and research conclusions about which side of the issues you agree with and why. (Support and citations needed)
  4. Conclusion:Summarize your discussion and state your conclusion and offer your insight as to what should be done or considered as we continue to deal with these issues facing your media industry. (Support and citations needed)
  5. Include reference page in APA style (1 page)



Students will present their findings as a recorded Webex “podcast” viewed/listened to by students from class. You will be assigned groups for the presentation. During the presentation incorporate at least two appropriate sound effects/bites (10 seconds of music, recording of quote/soundbite from someone etc.) or, if showing your face, two sound effects/or visuals (hold up picture/object to show audience etc.).




The document must be written in proper format (Ex. Times New Roman font style, 12-point font, double-spaced.  Grammar, spelling, proper indentation, etc. rules apply. Avoid using contractions, slang etc. in a formal paper. Avoid using block quotes (If you don’t know what these are consult an online librarian or me). Social Science homework help


Citations/references for this paper must be done using the APA Style. If you are still unclear how to use this citation style, please consult the Purdue Owl site contact me or the FSU Writing Center for assistance. As a reminder: EVERYTHING that is not YOUR own thoughts/opinions must be cited whether it is a direct quote or not. Please refer to the “Plagiarism” section within the “Start Here” tab on the course Canvas site for more clarification. Do NOT assume that something is “common knowledge”. Cite it. Opinions are fine, in some places, but you must NOT present your OPINIONS as FACT. If you present an idea as FACT, it must be supported. As a general rule a citation is placed immediately following the information  being cited. The only exception to this is when an entire paragraph’s information is from the same source. In this case a citation needs to be placed only at the end of that paragraph. Again, refer to the APA Style guidelines for specific citation and formatting rules. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions regarding these rules or what should or should not be cited. It is EXTREMELY important that you understand them and follow them. Your grade will suffer severely if you do not. Failure to properly cite information in a paper can be viewed as plagiarism. You can see also see an estimate of plagiarism in Canvas. In general if it is more than 20% you will need to review your work although you can also commit plagiarism with a lower percentage. Social Science homework help



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