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: Consequences

Hedonistic Calculus and Covid19: Will you Attend the Wedding?

Work through the following scenario for your initial post, and then respond to two classmates.

It is now April 2022; after a lockdown due to Covid19 in March and April 2020, the last two years has brought a lot of uncertainty and exhaustion. The latest variant of Covid, Omicron, caused cases to rise in the unvaccinated and vaccinated populations; however, the symptoms are milder, and there are fewer people going to the hospital. Cases are down now. You are in your late 20s, healthy, and have been fully vaccinated for Covid. You have felt relatively safe going places since you are taking precautions, but now you have to decide whether to put yourself at risk yet again.

One of your best friends from middle school and high school is getting married in February. You have had the invitation for weeks and haven’t sent an RSVP. You need to make a decision about going.  You are very conflicted because you want to be there for your friend; however, you also want to stay safe. Facts that play into your decision are:

  • There will be approximately 200 people there, so social distancing is not possible.
  • You have a six-month old baby.
  • You work at a day care with kids too young to be vaccinated.
  • Masks are optional at the wedding.
  • Based on social media posts, you know that several of the people invited think the virus is a hoax, think that masks don’t work, and have not been vaccinated. Social Science homework help


Using the Hedonistic Calculus, decide whether to attend the wedding. List and define the terms first, and then analyze the decision and reach a conclusion.


Your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words that adequately answers the questions asked. You should then respond to two classmates by elaborating on something said, giving clarification, or asking a question. Each response post should be between 25-50 words.  Your initial post is worth 15 points, and each response post is worth 5 points. See the Syllabus for the grading criteria.

second question


There are a few opportunities for extra credit this term. They are optional and cannot be turned in late.

For up to 15 extra credit points:

Choose one of these TED Talks focusing on mental health (that you have not previously watched or written about) and answer the following in a document (one paragraph for each question) that you upload to this assignment.

1. Briefly summarize the TED Talk. Give the title and the speaker of the talk also.

2. Explain something you learned from it. Is there anything you specifically agreed with or disagreed with?

3. Explain whether your view about the subject changed and how. Explain whether this talk makes you want to learn more about this subject or makes you want to take action to help yourself or a friend.

Optional: Is there any mental health issue you need help with? Are there resources you are trying to find or issues you need to address but cannot for some reason?  Social Science homework help

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