Social Science homework help

Prisons are one of the largest providers of mental health services in the United States. Please review this video examining the impact of mental illness and substance abuse on the prison system. Post your thoughts/impressions of the video in the Discussions Board 


To receive full credit for discussion post it must :


Post included original thought, substantial depth, and was relevant to topic. Viewpoint shows strong logical thinking, reasoning, and analysis with evidence and examples. Construction of new meaning and insights are evident. Post demonstrates strong critical thinking. Social Science homework help


Strong, direct connections were made to readings and/or course materials (lectures, media, resources, etc.) or firsthand / field experience and were clearly stated. Post demonstrated understanding of social work perspective.


Effectively contributed to the learning community. Initiated dialogue – motivated discussion by providing feedback to students’ postings, asking follow-up questions, and thoughtful, reflective comments. Respectfully encouraged viewpoints and/or invited contributions from classmates.


Discussion post was well-written, fully articulated a response to the question, and writing was clear, comprehensive, and between 150 and 300 words in length. Post encouraged a response


Exceeded required posting; posting was well before deadline and provided more than enough time for all classmates to read and respond prior to deadline. Social Science homework help

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