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Anyon, J. (2009). Progressive social movements and educational equity. Educational Policy, 23(1), 194–215.

  1. You may recall from last week that Benford & Snow (2000) provided a somewhat obtuse definition of social movements. They describe a shift from social movements as carriers of ideas to “…agents actively engaged in the production and maintenance of meaning for constituents, antagonists, and bystanders or observers.” (p. 613).


Anyon uses the definition developed by Della Porta and Diani (2006, p. 20): “We have a social movement in process when individuals and organizations are involved in ‘collective conflictual relations with clearly identified opponents.’” (p. 195). Social Science homework help

  1. Discuss the similarities and differences between these definitions.
  1. Discuss how both definitions might be applied to a specific social movement. For example (and you cannot use this example J), could both definitions apply to Black Lives Matter? What different aspects of the movement might be illuminated by using one definition compared to the other?
  1. How do social movements differ from other forms of advocacy?
  1. How do social movements form?
  1. Describe what is meant by “spadework” and give a current example.
  1. Describe one historical example of the impact of a social movement on education. What features of the social movement made it effective?
  1. Discuss some of the challenges faced by social movements. Social Science homework help





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