Social Psychology Network Assignment

Social Psychology Network Assignment

Social psychology refers to a discipline that involves the use of scientific strategies to conceptualize and provide an explanation of how people’s thoughts and behaviors are affected by the actions of other individuals. The actions that affect people can be either real, implied or imagined. It is a discipline that involves a broad range of themes. Some of the themes in social psychology are social sensitivity, group behavior, prejudice and compliance among others. Additionally, it is essential to note that the discipline of social psychology does not only consider social influences. However, it also provides explanations and reasons for behavior patterns. Finally, it considers social issues like interaction in the analyses of social behavior. This paper examines social psychology and it provides information about two social psychologists and their research works. Finally it provides two research areas that are included in the Social Psychology Network website.Social Psychology Network Assignment

Social Psychologists

There are several people who have developed their careers as social psychologists. One of such people is Dacher Keltner. He is a social psychologist and a professor at the University of California. Additionally, Dacher is the director of the Greater Good Science Center. Born in Mexico, Dacher’s research works mainly focus on embarrassment, adoration, misuse of power and compassion. Additionally, he has been recognized as a top scholar in the analysis of facial expression.


Coren Apicella is the other well-known social psychologist. She has done widespread studies on communities that are hunters and gatherers and civilized societies to establish the genesis of human behaviors. Coren has specialized in the analysis of mate selection, differences in sex, social systems, and economics. The main regions that her works have covered are conflict and peace, relationships, emotions, morality and ethics, decision making, sexual orientation and social systems. Currently, Coren works at the Institute of Quantitative Social Sciences at Havard University.

Research Areas

There exist several research areas in social psychology. Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky is a social psychologist who has done extensive research on human happiness. She has attempted to examine and explain the importance of happiness. Presently, she seeks to determine what makes humans happy, whether happiness is good and the strategies people can use to become happier (Lyubomirsky, 2012). Finally, her present study seeks to determine ways through which people can improve their lives by being happy. She has been motivated by how some individuals remain happy even when they have numerous problems. Her past studies attempted to determine why some individuals were happier than other people. She used social comparison, individual perception, self examination and dissonance reduction in her studies (Lyubomirsky, 2012). She noted that cognitive and motivational processes that influence happiness must also be analyzed to understand the concept.Social Psychology Network Assignment

Another research area included in the Social Psychology Network website is self-expansion form of cognition and inspiration in individual relationships. Arthur Aron is a social psychologist who focuses mainly on personal relationships. He has developed a model that he uses to examine cognition and inspiration in personal relationships. The model notes that individuals aim to enhance their efficacy. It further notes that individuals use the relationships they have with other people to achieve self-efficacy (Arthur, 1999). He noted that people normally include other individuals in the self as they try to enhance efficacy. Other research areas he has been involved in include identification of the relationship between interpersonal closeness and the overlap between the self and other individuals. Additionally, he has examined the role of inspiration in motivating people to improve relationships that are declining (Arthur, 1999).


The goal of this paper was to provide a description of two social psychologists and research areas contained in the Social Psychology Network website. It has provided information on Dacher Keltner and Coren Apicella. It has also discussed human happiness and self-expansion form of cognition and inspiration in individual relationships as research areas.Social Psychology Network Assignment


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