Social Media and Suicide Cases Essay

Social Media and Suicide Cases Essay

Sadie Riggs a fifteen-year-old girl from Bedford, Pennsylvania hanged herself on 19th June 2017. This was as a result of being tortured by her friends in diverse social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram due to her red hair and braces. Although the harassment cases were reported to the police, the school administration, and Instagram head offices no action was taken.Social Media and Suicide Cases Essay

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram play a pivotal role in the increase in suicide cases. Individuals are intimidated online which exposes them to a lot of distress and embarrassment. As a result, the victims’ everyday lives are affected. Such individuals end up suffering from low self-esteem, withdrawal from close friends and relatives and depression (Luxton, June, & Fairall, 2012).  For instance, the cyber harassment that Sadie went through led to distress and death.Social Media and Suicide Cases Essay


           To combat suicide cases associated with social media use, the U.S government has come up with certain laws such as the CAMRA Act. This law promotes a data-driven method that scrutinizes the idea of social media dependence. For instance, the legislation directs the National Institute of Health to carry out a study on the effects of technology and social media on children. Besides, the legislation emphasizes on the role of social media use and experience on individuals’ social-emotional capabilities such as decision making and pain tolerance (Markey, 2017).  Such a law is very pivotal in the limitation of suicide cases related to social media use. For instance, teaching young people on the best practices in decision making reduces the number of suicide cases as a result of social media use. This is because young people are able to learn better ways of dealing with cyberbullying instead of committing suicide. Besides, young people will realize that tolerance makes it possible for individuals to live peacefully.


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