Social Influence on Marriage Decisions Essay

Social Influence on Marriage Decisions Essay

Contemporary women have many options and little marriage pressure within their twenties; a fact that continues to change lives of American women in respect to marriage. Taking freedoms with alacrity, American women reach their adulthood before getting married thus causing an increase in the number of single women within the society. In societies, the choices made by individuals are within a big spectrum.Social Influence on Marriage Decisions Essay

Scholars within the social and psychological domain continue to explore the possible reasons behind the influence of social factors on individual decisions with respect to outcomes on pre/married lives. Evidently, there has been proof that social factors significantly influence the decisions of individuals besides impacting significantly on outcomes in pre/married lives.

Studies continuously point a blaming finger to social factors for the increase single life amongst women in the American society. Scholars continue to assert that social factors determine the selection of life partners amongst the women in the American society. Favorable social factors will influence women towards picking a life partner.

On the other hand, unfavorable social factors discourage women from picking their life partners. Unfortunately, there are claims that the prevailing social factors within the American society have been unfavorable thus preventing women from choosing their life partners thereby leading to an increase in number of single women in America.

Prevailing unfavorable social factors have created an environment where relationships cannot blossom. This leads to many women getting discourage about further relationships in their future lives. Most women who date in their teens end up heartbroken thereby instill in them the fear of such experiences in the future.Social Influence on Marriage Decisions Essay

With such fears, women are unlikely to get married. Many believe that men break women’s hearts during their relationships in their teens. However, there are instances when they (women) chase the perfect men away based on their misplaced priorities. In most cases, it is true that women have misplaced priorities. Once abandoned, women fear entering into other relationships in the future.


It is normal for people in relationships to disagree. However, women tend to carry along grudges and disagreements within their relationships too far. Carrying a grudge or disagreement is likely to affect not only the current relationship but also future relationships. With such grudges and disagreements in mind, women always create a perception about men.

at women will brand all men infidels. As a result, they may go into a new relationship with such notions and perceptions. Creation of a negative perception within a relationship reduces the chances of the relationship blossoming. Based on these aspects, many women fear getting married due to fear that they might be cheated on once more. Therefore, the number of single women in America continues to increase.Social Influence on Marriage Decisions Essay

Lastly, unfavorable prevailing social factors are due to increasing dynamism within America. Contemporary American society continues to exhibit a scenario where the interest of men and women vary significantly. For instance, while men struggle to be financial strong women are interested in gaining gender equality. The fight for equality amongst the women continues to cause serious uproar amongst the men who now consider women as their rivals.

With such creations in the mind, women and men barely rhyme in their interests even when they are in relationships. Such dynamism continues to cause serious incongruence between men and women as a result, leaving many people unmarried. Therefore, there is no doubt that social factors play a significant role in defining individuals’ decisions especially in relation to marriage life.Social Influence on Marriage Decisions Essay

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