Social Construction Assignment Essay

Social Construction Assignment Essay

Social Construction

What the society views as morally right or wrong determines how its members behave and react to different situations. For instance, a community may be of the view that dishes should only be washed using a dishwasher. When an individual in that society fails to secure a dishwasher, he or she may find it hard to wash dishes using bare hands.


Social construction is of the view that certain features considered to be absolute and purely biotic such as race and sexuality are as a result of human characterization and understanding shaped by social and ancient contexts. For instance, social constructionism highlights how social groups such as men and women are created (Wilchins 297). Additionally, groups are created grounded on physical features, meaningsare attached to these categories, and then individuals placed into these categories by considering their biological aspects. In a nutshell, every individual constructs and rationalizes his or her actions through social experiences with others.Social Construction Assignment Essay

Gender is learned through socialization a process which begins even before individuals are born. Agents of socialization play a critical role in teaching what is expected of every individual. These agents include family members, teachers, religious leaders, and peer groups. For instance, gender roles are passed from parents to their children. Since their childhood, boys and girls are treated differently. Children, therefore, watch how their parents and other members of the communities behave and treat each other and what their roles in the society are. As a result, they are able to learn what gender means.

Dominant notions of masculinity and feminity are constructed by the way society recognizes how people differ from each other and how they are stereotyped based on their differences (Sittenfeld 320). For instance, men are associated with courage, intelligence, and bravery. Women, on the other hand, are associated with emotions, humility, and kindness. Such stereotypes shape how society reacts to different groups of people. The society’s notion that a man should not express his emotions through crying makes many suffer in silence in avoidance of being termed weak. Additionally, differences between people get constructed socially as deep as racism and ethnically.Social Construction Assignment Essay

Gender stereotyping undermines the enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms of both men and women (UNESCO 35). The notion that particular gender should do a certain thing and not another limits individuals from reaching their potential. For instance, the stereotype that women should sire children and cook limits them from developing their careers. Additionally, the stereotype that men should not cook in certain societies limit those with a passion for cooking from doing what they love doing.

In conclusion, gender stereotypes which go against fundamental human rights and freedoms should be eliminated. Governments in the world should work towards the elimination of violence against men, women, and children. Necessary measures should be adopted to address gender stereotypes in all communities.Social Construction Assignment Essay

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