Sexual Orientation Differences Essay

Sexual Orientation Differences Essay

Press reporting has increasingly led to misrepresentation of sexuality matters. Presentation of sexual matters to the public should be done with cautiousness to ensure reliability and appropriateness. The accuracy of the press reporting is based on a concise analysis of a previous sexuality study.Sexual Orientation Differences Essay

An overview of the press article, ‘The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns’, unveils that the sexuality research paper provides detailed explanation about how different pupil dilation patterns result in different sexual orientations. This essay provides a comparison of the press article and a sexuality research report with a view of assessing the article’s presentation of sexuality information to the public.

Comparison between the Press Report and the Research Paper

The press report provides a brief summary about the sexuality research. The report highlights the key merits of the new method of testing sexual orientation. The press article report presents the reader with the key issues and findings of the research as per the research paper.


The researchers’ comments about the sexuality research findings are accurately presented in the press report. This organization has enhanced the accuracy and authenticity of the press article. Rieger, Savin-Williams, and Kemp (2012) reveal that the primary purpose of the research was to determine an alternative measure to point out sexual orientation without invasiveness. This statement shows that the press report is based on facts that have been drawn from the research paper; hence, it is reliable.Sexual Orientation Differences Essay

The press article provides an exact piece of sexuality information as evidenced in the corresponding research paper. However, it only emphasizes on a few areas of the research article. If a detailed analysis of the research article was conducted, more information about sexuality can be provided in the press report to improve the reader’s understanding of the new study. For instance, the press report neither provides the number of participants who undertook the research study nor the methods that were used to select the participants (Bryner, 2012).

Although the press report provides sexuality details as per the research paper, it does not show how different factors and conditions affect the research results. The researchers have clearly elaborated these details in the research paper. For instance, the pupil is susceptible to dilation because of other external factors other than the intended arousing stimuli. However, the press report does not provide this piece of information (Rieger & Williams, 2012).

In the press article, Bryner (2012) reveals that pupil dilation is an emerging issue that concerns bisexual men in the new study. This information is important since it provides new knowledge that pertains to sexuality. Consequently, the press article is informative, as it has provided an overview of every new finding that is available in the research paper.


From the above comparison between the press report and the corresponding research paper, it is evident that the press report provides an exact analysis of the research article. However, the report contains summarized and generalized comments about the research findings. It only mentions the key findings about sex and sexuality.Sexual Orientation Differences Essay

Although the press report provides the reader with clear information as per the findings in the research paper, there is a need to include ideas that are more important to improve clarity and reliability of the article; hence, improve the reading experience of the audience.

Reference List

Bryner, J. (2012). Study: Homophobes May Be Hidden Homosexuals.

Rieger, G., Savin-Williams, R., & Kemp, A. (2012). The Eyes Have It: Sex and Sexual Orientation Differences in Pupil Dilation Patterns. PLoS ONE7(8), pp. 1-10.Sexual Orientation Differences Essay

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