Sexual Offense Victims Assignment

Sexual Offense Victims Assignment

Posting Details Position Description Posting Number 201200376P

Position Title Human Services Supervisor I/II

Department School of Humanities & Social Sciences: Human Services

Position Summary

Human Services Supervisors responsibilities include time spent attending seminar class, responding weekly to journal entries from supervisees, visiting students field placement sites, communicating with the Field Placement Coordinator and field placement instructors about progress of practicum students, evaluating practicum students overall performance. Education/Experience Masters Degree in Social Work, Counseling, Human Services or related field, plus two years of experience working in human services, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Knowledge/Skills/Ability Excellent communication skills are essential as well as knowledge of the field of human services.Sexual Offense Victims Assignment

All courses require strong technology and organizational skills.

Proven leadership skills and the ability to work with students of diverse backgrounds. Physical Requirements. This position requires sedentary work, fingering, talking, and hearing. The worker is required to have visual acuity to determine the accuracy and thoroughness of work assigned. The worker must be able to obtain reliable transportation to multiple on- and off-campus locations. The worker will not be substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions.

Essential Functions

Facilitate student learning in the field placement setting based on theoretical concepts taught in the classroom. Student advising/mentoring includes time spent communicating with practicum students regarding field placement, curricular, and career matters; communicating with field instructors; and communicating with the Field Placement Coordinator.


 Student evaluation includes time spent evaluating practicum students overall performance and providing a final course grade.

Collegiality, as well as professional and ethical conduct, enhances teaching, learning and the general reputation of all persons in the University. Therefore, all Field Placement Supervisors are expected to serve in a collegial fashion and in accordance with professional and ethical principles when dealing with other faculty members, students, administrators, and members of the public. Reports to DepartmentSexual Offense Victims Assignment

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Sexual Offense Victims

As a human service professional, I would be more comfortable working with victims of sexual offenses. This is because I have a clear knowledge of the steps I am supposed to follow to help such victims. To begin with, to fully help these individuals it is substantial to always contemplate their immediate needs. This is because, it would be detrimental to the victims to process any emotional reactions without first addressing the physical and physiological needs (Leary, Frost, & Holder, Jr., 2005). I also understand the importance of evaluating the psychological needs of the victims. At this particular juncture, I am supposed to apply my attending skills and provide the victim with empathy and respect. Besides, avoiding being judgmental is significant and I should show the victims that it was not their fault that the whole thing happened.

Another factor that I am supposed to consider is the issue of legal actions. I should know whether the victims want to report the offense. Although I have knowledge about key elements regarding legal issues, I am not supposed to pressure the victims to report the offenses but they should make their own rational decisions (Leary, Frost, & Holder, Jr., 2005). If they decide they want to pursue legal actions I should inform them that cooperation with law enforcement officials is significant.Sexual Offense Victims Assignment

Informing victims of the advantages and disadvantages of instant and delayed reporting is very significant. For instance, the advantage of reporting such offenses early helps the police gather substantial information from the victim which makes it easier to bring the offenders to justice (Leary, Frost, & Holder, Jr., 2005). Also, delaying the information is important as it gives the victims enough time to emotionally come into terms with the ordeals.

In conclusion, clear knowledge on what sexual offense victims go through is substantial. Through it I will be able to recommend a good treatment plan which will help the victims to regain their sanity.


Leary, M. L., Frost, J. E., & Holder, Jr., E. H. (2005). Gaining insight, Taking action. U.S. Department of Justice, 1-86.Sexual Offense Victims Assignment


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