Self-Assessment Sample Essay

Self-Assessment Sample Essay

I agree with the prompt that in the recent past, America has witnessed a thrashing huge number of homeless people living in the streets. This is mainly due to the financial crisis that has reduced the powers of individuals to procure a decent house. Of particular concern, is the increasing number of retired military personnel in the streets. It is quite unfortunate that the previous veterans who were protecting our country cannot be able to afford a meal for themselves. I just wonder where we went wrong to come to such a humiliating scenario.


It is true that the homeless military retirees are a sign of hopelessness, poor planning, and a nation that fails to recognize its heroes and heroines. I am particularly skeptical that this swelling number of homeless individuals highly originates from the American involvement in the ever existing global conflicts. Even though from history the idea of military homelessness originated from the Vietnam War, I feel that this should not be the case especially in the wake of globalization, and technological advancements. It is simply unimaginable that the once dedicated security personnel continue to sink into poverty at the watch of the federal government, and in the periphery of the American society at large.

Bearing in mind the strenuous duties that most of these retired officers undertook when they were in service breaks my heart. For example, fighting the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq does not only make them prone to stress, but also harmful chemicals that can cause breathing problems, and cancer. Such undue pressure and stress have made them find consolation into drugs and substance addiction. Moreover, these servicemen sacrifice their families in order to protect our country. The nature of their work bars them from establishing meaningful social ties that are important in old age. I believe that this should never be the case, especially because old is a reflective moment for one to appreciate their contributions into building the nation. Self-Assessment Sample Essay


I believe the main cause of this issue of military homelessness in America can be associated with lack of a reintegration program for the servicemen once they retire. The reality of a failed family, and social ties hits the servicemen when their period to serve expires. Most of them have no stable families and if one does, the relationship is greatly strained. With such cases, the retiree may never be comfortable to adapt to the new environment. Moreover, the society at large has a negative attitude towards retired servicemen, thus, it fails to welcome such individuals back into the social setting. This rejection further predisposes them into depression, and other mental illnesses such as PTSD.

Moreover, I agree that the military personnel are not well compensated in relation to the risky nature of their work. The federal government fails to provide enticing incentives for the servicemen. This greatly reduces the chances of empowering them to adopt a comprehensive retirement plan. If military service men and women were supporting their families when they were in the battlefield, it reduces their saving power. In the long run, the most likable outcome would be financial inability to secure mortgages. Therefore, when one retires they has no savings, and no home to live. Self-Assessment Sample Essay


It is true that the military has different needs depending on one’s gender. For women in the active service, they tend to undergo a lot of sexual traumas perpetuated by their male counterparts. Lack of separated accommodation exposes them to more psychological pressure. I am greatly disappointed with the government’s failure to put into consideration such a gender-sensitive issue. I believe it is more frustrating for a woman who is in the battlefield, especially when they are unable to take care of their families, and in the long run, end up being homeless together with their families.

Although the government is not the only one to carry the entire blame, I believe it has a greater contribution to the issue as compared to other stakeholders. It came as a relief to the issue of military homelessness when the Congress passed a program for considering the needs of the soldiers, but there was little follow up on its successful implementation. In my opinion, the program was a noble solution only if there was a multi-sectorial committee to follow it up. Otherwise, the initiative has not reduced the high number of homeless retired soldiers in our streets.

In my opinion, another failed government effort in addressing the issue of military homelessness lies in the medical and pension covers provided. The federal government fails to adequately invest in a comprehensive retirement plan that would take care of the old age of the retired military personnel. These inadequacies offer no psychological, and financial security for their old age. This would be one of the greatest contributors to increased personal anxieties, and mental disorders to the retirees. Additionally, the government fails to avail the necessary resources needed in addressing mental illnesses for retired servicemen. I believe that if some of these interventions were availed way before one retires, it would have been more beneficial. Self-Assessment Sample Essay

The best invention that I could recommend to the federal government is to educate our military on the importance of securing an early retirement plan. For example, a government directive to compel every service personnel to commit themselves with monthly insurance premiums from their salaries would cultivate a culture of investing for old age. In conclusion, I believe that the issues leading to military homelessness can be adequately resolved through a consensus by all relevant stakeholders. However, the military should be empowered at the personal level to think critically about their old age, and this would change the whole notion of the increasing cases of homelessness in America.

Self-Assessment Sample Essay

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