School as an Agent of Socialization Essay

School as an Agent of Socialization Essay

Schools are social agencies that are created with the aim of enhancing the processes of socialization. As an agent of socialization, a school contributes towards the process of ‘creating a social self’ in an individual. A school is a man-made institution that is formulated for the purposes of transmitting culture thereby aiding in socialization.

Attending school has a significant impact on learners including introducing them to a mostly interactive universe. Furthermore, school curriculums are often designed in a manner that addresses socialization directly. It is also important to note that in modern times, schools have taken over some of the roles that are played by other agents of socialization (Giddens 55). This essay discusses school as an agent of socialization and offers specific examples of how it influences our behaviors, interactions, and the society as a whole.

School is vital in determining how we communicate with each other because it introduces us to language/s. Although people are introduced to languages by their parents and/or other caretakers, schools are responsible for formalizing this process. For instance, schools teach languages in a manner that bridges the disparities between various societies and dialects.

Consequently, our first introductions into the social world are made possible by the fact that schools teach us languages that resonate with our environment. School is also responsible for imparting individuals with skills that make them useful to their societies. In the current society, productivity is assessed using an individual’s vocational and economic output.School as an Agent of Socialization Essay

Schools are directly responsible for making people worthwhile in their respective societies. For example, in order for someone to become a doctor he/she needs to go through several levels of schooling. On the other hand, doctors are among the most respected members of the society.


School is theoretically the first agent of socialization to feature complex social systems. These social systems are both formal and informal. In addition, these social systems are aimed at preparing students to take up useful positions in the society. For example, from the time kids are in the middle school they are taught how to elect class representatives.

The kids are expected to encounter this form of social order when they venture into their respective societies. This form of socialization continues to increase as students venture into higher levels of education. For instance, it is mandatory for some university students to take part in community/social activities before they graduate.School as an Agent of Socialization Essay

Schools incorporate several informal activities and groupings that act as agents of socialization. Other than the structured curriculums, schools systems incorporate social clubs where students are able to learn various social skills. The social skills that are acquired by students through informal activities contribute to their overall development as members of the society. People interact with others in respect to their positions in the society.

For example, leaders are expected to present themselves in a good light towards their subjects. In addition, leaders are expected to make certain sacrifices in the course of their service to the public. All these social skills are encountered in school, where club leaders often prioritize the needs of their members even when they have personal obligations.

Education is an agent of socialization that is expected to ‘manufacture’ responsible citizens. The social norms that students pick up during their school sessions are expected to last for entire lifetimes. School is a pivotal agent of socialization because it brings students from different backgrounds together thereby replicating a ‘mini-society’.

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