Salary Negotiation Sample Essay

Salary Negotiation Sample Essay

Giving an answer to the significant salary prospects question the wrong way can cost one a job offer. It can also put one in an unsustainable condition by compelling one to contemplate an occupation at a less-than-desirable income. In a nutshell, in certain situations the worst thing than failing to acquire an occupation offer after an interview is failing to get an offer adequate enough to maintain personal and family expenses.


            Being flexible when answering the question on salary expectations from an employer is vital. Trying to skirt the question with a broad answer for instance, “My income expectations goes hand in hand with my experiences and qualifications” simply shows one is flexible. Offering a range on salary is also a good way of answering the salary question. This gives one a chance to remain flexible at the same time offering the employer a vibrant answer. The range should be on basis of either research conducted or personal experiences in the given industry. Additionally, considering ones’ current salary is important (Half, 2018). The current salary should be assumed to be in line with market expectations. One should have know-how on what he is worth of in the current job market. Offering a range which is acceptable and that can support self and the family is equally important not forgetting to negotiate for a higher starting salary but one should be patient enough until they have an offer to consider. Salary Negotiation Sample Essay

Going through the thinking process when answering the question on salary expectations is normal to every individual. To begin with, one should put in mind that the company in question have not settled on him yet and are in the process of making a comparison among the candidates. This simply means one should avoid naming a specific number at the early stages as a better leverage to negotiate will be provided for in the later stages. Secondly, thinking of selling oneself short to move forward always comes in mind. Some businesses tend to jump to the lowest offer but others will shy away from candidate that seem anxious enough to lower their standards to get the job due to the fear of lowering standards as well which can be solved by one valuing himself enough not to give the relevant company the reason to make one feel as though they are only after the cheapest possible deal (Walters, 2018).  Thirdly, one contemplates on going too high and end up being thrown out of contention before getting a chance to make a good impression. This can be solved by being reasonable enough by offering an amount that is neither too low nor too high but good enough to support personal and family expenses. Salary Negotiation Sample Essay


            Finding oneself in a situation whereby one has to answer the question on salary expectation makes one appreciate delaying answering the salary question as long as possible. One should grab this opportunity to sell himself while exerting pressure on the organization to make a fair offer for instance by saying how one is interested in acquiring a position that matches the skills and interests possessed. Additionally, one should be confident enough to ask for a salary competitive enough in the current market. Salary Negotiation Sample Essay

One should put in mind that the relevant position may not be exactly similar as the current position held. One should therefore take the chance of discussing responsibilities to be given if offered the position and hence work together with the company to settle on a fair salary for the given position.

In conclusion, delaying on answering the question on salary expectation impacts positively on the job offer enabling the company to appreciate the worth of the candidate by creating a platform for salary negotiation. Through salary negotiation, a consensus is arrived at which is fair to both the company and the candidate.


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Salary Negotiation Sample Essay

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