S-Town Research Assignment Essay

S-Town Research Assignment Essay

I think S-Town is a brilliant podcast that begins by focusing on allegations of corruption such as a murder cover-up. For instance, rumours are going around in the community that one of the members of the community committed murder but got away with it due to the social status of his family. However, the surprising thing is that as the podcast goes on an individual can realize that the story is not what they expected but it is full of twists and turns. For instance, it ceases from being about a murder mystery and tries to show what becomes of individuals who try to hide their true identities and offer insight on modern masculinity.S-Town Research Assignment Essay

Investigations involve mechanisms to gather data to determine facts in a given situation. Through investigations, important facts are evaluated and it is determined whether an individual took part in a crime or not. As a result, innocent people are saved from going to prison and criminals are brought out of circulation. For instance, in the podcast, Brian Reed investigates the alleged murder and cover-up of Dylan Nichols by Kabrahm Burt and discovers that the whole narrative was fabricated (Reed 1). I also think that the podcast shows that racial disparities are still predominant in the modern world. Despite the economic gains that African Americans have achieved in the recent past, significant disparities still exist between African Americans in terms of access to entertainment areas and other facilities. In the podcast, for instance, Reed enters a secret clubhouse at the back of Tyler Goodson’s tattoo parlour intentionally hidden from customers of African American origin (Reed 1). Bubba a character in the podcast also utters some words that show he does not appreciate black people.S-Town Research Assignment Essay


           Through the podcast, it is realized that there exists a significant relationship between financial strains and suicide cases.  Financial disasters affect suicide attempts incidence by either consolidating risk dynamics or flagging defensive factors. For instance, economic crises involve job retrenchments at both individual and ecological levels. When people are stressed due to hard economic times, some adopt practices such as suicide which escalates the rate of suicide in society. For instance, in the S-Town podcast, Brian shockingly admits that John had discussed committing suicide before, usually concerning his obsession with economic and ecological collapse (Reed 1).  Besides, Brian would have prevented John’s suicide by taking john to a psychiatrist who would have prescribed a treatment plan. For instance, the psychiatrist would have advocated for dialectical behaviour therapy which would have helped john deal with disruptive and unhealthy feelings. Through this, techniques to deal with troubling situations that john was facing would have been realized thus preventing his death.S-Town Research Assignment Essay

The S-Town podcast also shows the importance of writing a will. For instance, through writing a will an individual can divide property as they want. Through this, the individual can specify what property they want to leave to members of the family and friends. As a result, assets of sentimental value that can become a focus of conflict among relatives are left to the individual of choice. Besides, through writing a will, disputes among friends and family members are avoided as the individual selects a trustworthy executor. For instance, in the podcast, although John intended to leave his property to Tyler, John did not leave a will hence Tyler lacks the legal rights to claim the property (Reed 1). As a result, Tyler claims he will take John’s cousins to court and if that does not work he will take the matters into his own hands which would lead to violence.

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