Routine Maintenance in Prisons Sample Essay

Routine Maintenance in Prisons Sample Essay

Security in correctional facilities is paramount. Keeping the prisoners and prison officials secure from any kind of harm is vital which necessitates the introduction of measures to address routine maintenance issues.  One of the objectives is by reducing the rate of prison overcrowding without compromising public safety. This can be done by imprisoning fewer persons for offenses related to drugs and ensuring that only a few of them are jailed for non-violent crimes in drugs (Albrecht, 1985). This can be achieved by instructing public attorneys to bring lesser cases to state courts. Through this, security and order will be maintained in prisons as the available prison officials will be able to handle the inmates available without stretching the officials beyond capacity leading to security breaches. Routine Maintenance in Prisons Sample Essay.


    By correctional authorities protecting all prisoners from sexual-related assaults, routine maintenance issues will be addressed. This is by endeavoring to generate an organized culture in which sexual abuse is not accepted by the prison officials and convicts (Coyle, 2002). Assessing reports related to sensual abuse without considering a convict’s sensual orientation should be permitted while ensuring that the correctional facilities do not suppose that sensual action among inmates is consensual. In a nutshell, making sure that there is an absence of any kind of sexual abuse in prisons guarantees peace. This is simply because there will be no resistance from victims of abuse which would result in insecurity in the prisons (Fleisher & Krienert, 2006). Security breaches would result in undesirable results such as break away and the death of some inmates and prison officials during the commotions. Routine Maintenance in Prisons Sample Essay

Additionally, isolating prisoners at risk of suicide should be avoided but instead place such persons in areas planned to be suicide resilient while allowing prison officials an open view of the prisoner for easier monitoring. The prisoner who is at a high risk of committing suicide should also be kept away from any material that can help him in committing suicide such as his clothes and instead be provided with suicide resistant garments ( Hayes, 1995). In conclusion, when the officials identify an inmate who may have attempted suicide, first-aid should be administered before the arrival of medics. By doing so deaths in prisons will be avoided thus preventing riots by inmates protesting the death of their own.


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Routine Maintenance in Prisons Sample Essay

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