Role of Training in the Development of Selling Ability Sample Essay

Role of Training in the Development of Selling Ability Sample Essay

There is a direct connection between ones’ self-esteem and how well one can do in sales. Successful salespeople have the highest level of self-esteem and vice versa. Having an ambition helps one view self as the best and increases optimism on the chances and possibilities one have to succeed in sales. Lack of the above qualities makes sales seem hard to many.

Well-rounded communication skills are not common to every salesperson as much as they may enjoy talking to potential customers. Training on sales will nurture key communication skills for instance listening more to achieve a better understanding on what the prospect really desires and wishes as well as the skill of asking factual queries at the right time ( Jagodič , 2012). In addition, training will lead to learning effective modes of communication and especially when it comes to dealing with different personalities and diverse populations.Role of Training in the Development of Selling Ability Sample Essay


            Prospects always tend to give reasons not to buy which makes training on sales vital to overcome these objections. A well trained salesperson will simply not agree with the objection and stop selling but will be persuasive enough to the prospect as he was ready for the objection during the presentation. These trainings teach salespeople different ways of anticipating objections as well as techniques for overcoming them. Through this, the salesperson’s confidence is boosted and is therefore able to handle any kind of prospect, and answer any relevant question asked without fear of failure. Role of Training in the Development of Selling Ability Sample Essay

Tendency of salespeople solely focusing on aspects such as making sales calls and prospecting leads to the overlooking of administrative tasks such as keeping accurate sales records and analyzing sales ratios (Ştefan & Crăciun, 2008). An effective sales training will focus on these administrative tasks. Information will be helpful to the salesperson in the management of their time properly, growth of the organization and also in the identification of areas that need extra efforts for their improvement. Training is important as it will also expose the individuals on the use of software programs that can help in the simplification of administrative work thus saving time. Role of Training in the Development of Selling Ability Sample Essay

In conclusion, sales training consolidates knowledge of the products and services. It is always easy for the salespeople to complete sales when they have clear knowledge of the product in question. Sales training enables sales representatives to be knowledgeable about the product they sell making them well-versed in the product thus better equipped to close sales by outlining the most important features of the product. In addition, sales training will enable salespeople to help the potential customers in learning more about the product which increases the likelihood of closing a sale. A customer will tend to buy a product from a person who is genuine, knowledgeable and have clear understanding about the product.


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Role of Training in the Development of Selling Ability Sample Essay

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