Research Method A30

Research Method A30
Using  the Chapter 3 Outline for a Qualitative, Quantitative, or Mixed Methods  Study in the Doctoral Project Manual. Read the description and complete  a draft of Chapter 3. Include the Chapter 3 Doctoral Project Assessment  Rubric.  Use course materials and assignments to facilitate the  completion of Chapter Three. Use your previous paper topic and research  question(s) for this assignment. Use the following Outline:
1.  An introduction which encompasses the re-statement of the problem and the research questions. For a quantitative study the hypotheses as well.
2. Research  Method-A statement of either qualitative or quantitative methodology  should follow.  Include a discussion of how the research design whether  phenomenological, narrative, case studies, correlational, descriptive,  causal-comparative, or quasi-experimental is the legitimate, appropriate  research design. Use at least two peer-reviewed sources to ground your  discussion.
3. Participants–The  candidate will describe the location of the participants; discuss the  criteria for selecting those participants (i.e., what characteristics do  they possess that make them suitable for the area of investigation) and  the process by which they were selected (such as random sampling,  snowball, etc.); provide the number of participants in the study,  including any important distinctions existing between them (e.g., gender  or ethnicity).
4. Instrumentation—  Provide a description of the instruments or protocols that will be used  surveys, interviews, observations, or artifacts. Include all  instrumentation as an appendix. Describe in detail the instruments to be  used in the study. All questions or criteria should be clearly linked  to the literature presented in chapter two.
5. Data  Collection–The candidate will provide a concise but thorough  description of the steps used to collect data from the participants.  Describe any recruitment processes and/or communication; describe the  informed consent process; and note the data collection schedule.  If  interviews are conducted indicate the length, the number, where  conducted, and stipulate they will be recorded. For surveys describe the  procedures for how they will be distributed and collected. Include all  other procedures and processes needed in order to replicate the study.   If artifacts are used, describe the process by which the data will be  procured, selected, and utilized. For any other methods of data  collection provide a complete description of all processes.
6. Data  Analysis-The candidate describes the analysis of the data that was  performed as well as the specific steps taken.  It is important to  reference a research methods book to detail this process. Researcher  bias, validity, reliability and other research factors should be  addressed as appropriate.
7. Limitations and Delimitations- Provide a detailed discussion of the limitations and delimitations of the study in this section.
Submit paper of your discussion using points of emphasis above. 8 to 10 pages.
American Psychological Association    (2010).   Publication manual of the American Psychological Association .   (6th Edition).   Washington, D.C.
Creswell, J. W.    (2013).   Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches.   Sage.     9781452226101

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