Research: Health Disparity And Structural Violence

Research: Health Disparity And Structural Violence

Structural violence on its plays a significant role in determining the kind of health care immigrants into the country seek to outsource. Structural violence based on different nationalities stand at par with caregivers with the immigrants deciding to seek medical attention. This stretches out to the economic, political and social structure the immigrants find themselves in the new country.Research: Health Disparity And Structural Violence

The researcher finds out that timid individual who is at the lowest level of the Maslow pyramid tend to not seek out medical attention due to their inability to afford the medical facilities in their localities. The violence comes to play whereby the individual seeking medical care may be in full possession of a firearm or involved in a shoot-out coming into play with the authorities may play as a shortcoming when seeking for medical help with the fear of being presented to the authorities.Research: Health Disparity And Structural Violence


Fear instilled in the immigrants goes a long way to the extent it affects their day to day live hood in the region for fear of discrimination and shunning away by the society (Janet 2011)The diversity that exists between the citizens of the country and the immigrant its quite evident ranging from their social welfare to their political affiliation. This keeps both groups at par and also interferes with their interaction when seeking medical care.

The fact that immigrants are allowed to voice out their political affiliation does not give the choice of the medical facilities or medical care they choose to get. The caregivers at the medical facilities come into play when their economic lives interfere with the presence of immigrants in the country. The need to not pose a threat to the citizens of the country plays a role where the immigrants undermine themselves with the kind of medical care they are subjected to. Like the chronic diseases, certain dimension of fear can be seen to have preferential option for the poor (Farmer 2005 pg. 140) The difference in culture, ranging from language barrier among the nationalities of the country and the citizen plays a significant challenge when immigrants seek medical attention. They would go for medical facilities where the caregivers are conversant with their native language despite the mediocre services offered at the medical facility.

This poses a challenge when they are required to seek more advanced medical care with no one in place to understand their native language. Caregivers are expected to be able to be conversant with the immigrants to be able to offer the required service with the required standard. The caregivers are made to understand that their cultures are bound to differ from time to time and should be ready to incorporate new methods of doing things provided the goal is met at the end of it all. The Spanish immigrants cannot converse in English which is according to the (U.S Censor Bureau, 2010)Research: Health Disparity And Structural Violence


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