Reasons for Substance Abuse Essay

Reasons for Substance Abuse Essay

People will always want to do the right thing in the eyes of others. In this regard, even those who are wrong will always have reasons to justify their acts. Consequently, though for a long time, people have been enlightened about the dangers of tobacco smoking to their health, millions still smoke while thousands join the smoking club each year. This also applies to various substances that are harmful to human health.Reasons for Substance Abuse Essay

It is important to note that these people will always have justifications of their behavior though they are aware of its dangers. This includes peer pressure. This mostly affects teens and young adults. Friendly relationships are important for teens and young adults, and they always do everything just to remain in a certain group. As a result, if some group members normally smoke tobacco, chances that all members will smoke tobacco are high.

On the same note, young people are likely to copy what other people in society are doing. In this regard, if they see substance abuse among family members or other members in society, they will use the same substances no matter how dire the effects may be. Another reason, which makes people smoke or use substances that are harmful to their health, is an addiction.

If a person has been smoking cigarettes for a long time, they are likely to become addicted to nicotine. On the same note, alcohol and other substances that people use are addictive. My husband was addicted to smoking, and as a result, he died of cancer. He knew smoking was harmful to his health, but he could not live without smoking.


Notably, a family is very crucial in guiding one through the socialization process. The behavior of a child is highly dependent on the family background. Studies show that chances that the members will engage in substance abuse are high if the family is not united. On the same note, urbanization has portrayed smokers and alcohol consumers as being trendy and happy.Reasons for Substance Abuse Essay

This is also the message that has been conveyed by various films for a long time. As a result, people especially teens and young adults, consider substance abuse as being the best way of enjoying life. Similarly, modernization has brought a wave of change where tobacco smoking and use of alcohol are taken as an inevitable part of modern life. As a result, the majority of people tend to stick to this behavior, thinking their ways of lives are right.

Additionally, other people have very poor coping skills, especially when it comes to dealing with stress. People face various problems when they are carrying out their day-to-day activities. Some problems can be solved while others need to adapt to live with them. Given the fact that drugs and alcohol are absorbed quickly into the body system, their effects are almost instant. They make the users feel high and momentarily forget their problems.

My uncle considered drinking as a form of coping with his personal problems. He was aware that his health was deteriorating but ignored that. This cost him his life. It should be noted that all these reasons are peripheral compared to the health impacts involved. Moreover, deaths resulting from substance abuse continue to increase. Consequently, as a society, we need to fight against substance abuse.Reasons for Substance Abuse Essay


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