Rational decision-making process in nursing essay

Rational decision-making process in nursing essay
Decision making is crucial in the manager’s job. It is important for the organization that the manager understands the process of decision making and how to do it effectively. For this discussion board:
1.Provide a scenario where you or a manager that you are familiar with made a decision in the workplace.
2.Describe the situation, the decision, and the results.
3.Describe the rational decision-making process that you would apply to resolve the situation.
4.Identify the difference between the manager’s decision and the one you described as your process.
5.Describe the decision-making style of both (manager and yours) and the biases that may affect the process for both.
6.Identify an effective technique to make the decision.
7. I work as a LPN in a clinic.
must be 250–350 words in length your initial responses must have at least one source (the textbook does not count). All sources should be cited in APA format.
Rational decision-making process in nursing essay

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