Racial Equality Should Not Be Difficult Essay

Racial Equality Should Not Be Difficult Essay

After hearing about the events happening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and in some other Southern American cities, I decided to form my own six words about race. They are: “Racial equality should not be difficult”. The process of segregation in some schools, described as a natural happening, truly is not normal. To my mind, it is a harmful and unreasonable process that leads to social degeneration of some areas.

The question of racism and segregation has been bothering the American society and the society of the whole world for generations. A certain progress was achieved in this field over the last several decades, yet, there are still unresolved issues that bother various ethnic groups. For years people of color have been fighting for their rights in the white societies.Racial Equality Should Not Be Difficult Essay

Several decades ago the world’s society started to understand and admit the equality between all people. Segregation happening in some American schools nowadays does not only slow people down on their way towards complete equality, it also reverses this process and erases some of the achievements our society has made through all this time.

To my mind, racial equality should not be difficult. The United States of America is one of the most multinational countries of the world, most children from the early age are taught to treat all people according to who they are, not how they look. The fact that since childhood people are taught to live and interact in a diverse society on a daily basis and deal with cultural differences without discriminating or offending others has made a great positive impact on the development of equality in people’s minds.

Re-segregation leads to isolated existence of people of different ethnicities, it results in the appearance of judgments and prejudices. If this process continues and becomes wider, our society might come back to the way it used to be years ago. The fact that the desire to isolate, divide and segregate still exists today in some parts of our country means that the people’s minds are not open towards tolerance and equality. The nature of humans is to fear and reject most of changes.


Unfortunately, in some States people are still stuck within the old-fashioned ways of thinking. The stereotypes can be overcome, the prejudices can be defeated, but for this to work the prejudiced parts of the society need to be willing to see the good sides of the changes. The roots and causes of modern segregation have to be examined and new techniques of dealing with them have to be worked out.Racial Equality Should Not Be Difficult Essay

The racial equality in the whole world should not be difficult. And it is not, as soon as people open their minds and stop thinking in frames and dogmas. Equality is a natural thing. It has always existed. Segregation and division were invented by people. Human minds are brilliant and full of amazing abilities. One of them is the ability to judge, this ability brings a lot of good, but it also can cause some harm.

Inequality is one of the unproductive sets of beliefs artificially designed by humans, initially, in a society with old-fashioned perceptions and morals it had an explanation. These days inequality is nothing but an ancient and pointless stereotype, a rudiment that is an empty shell with no contents and no meaning. Therefore, in the moment when people open their minds and start listening to their hearts, the racial equality stops being difficult to achieve.Racial Equality Should Not Be Difficult Essay


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