Race Understanding Concept Essay

Race Understanding Concept Essay

People understand the concept of race differently. There are people who understand race from a biological perspective by defining it in reference to biological features. On the other hand, there are people who attach social meaning to the concept of race. This idea of attaching social meaning to race makes it to be socially constructed. In this case, race becomes a social construction because it acquires social meaning. Moreover, the social meaning of race can be legally constructed. Research has shown that there are some social activities that determine the strength of the concept of race. However, there is no scientific evidence to show that race is biological or physical.Race Understanding Concept Essay

Although there is evidence to believe that race is a social construction, some sociologists do not prefer using the concept in their writings and scholarly works. Instead, most scholars prefer using such words as ‘minority group’ or ‘racialized population’ in their works. This is because the concept of race has a negative connotation in the society. For example in some societies, especially the western society; the concept of race implies un-fair treatment and discrimination of a particular group of people. Therefore, the use of the terms ‘minority group’ or ‘racialized population’ helps to overcome negative beliefs and perceptions that are associated with the term ‘race’. However, this concept is bound to end because of globalization. In the error of globalization, different social groups appreciate the value of overcoming race perceptions and working together.

Despite the efforts by various bodies and individuals in the society to change race perceptions, racism and discrimination continue to affect some members in the society. Racism and discrimination is evident in the society through different forms. The concepts are also perpetuated by various modes such as mass media. For instance, in the United States, there are Mass Media like newspapers, radio, and television stations; which are dominated by a particular race. These media normally appreciates the ideologies, perceptions, and works from their targeted race. A standing example is the Black Entertainment Television (BET) that designs its’ programs for the black people in the United States.Race Understanding Concept Essay

Second, discrimination is rife in the top management in some occupations. In securing top management positions, women face discrimination. For example, management positions in the armies prefer men than women. Moreover, racism and discrimination present themselves in sales and promotion jobs. Sales promotion activities like advertisements in some cases perpetuate racism and discrimination. Advertisements may use a weakness of an identifiable race to persuade consumers in buying a certain product. For example, in the advertisement of the Volkswagen vehicle new features, the advertisement displays black Arab terrorists who attempt to bomb it, but the Volkswagen vehicle survives.

In this case, the advertisement portrays the Arab race as terrorists. Racism and discrimination are also present in peoples’ beliefs and attitudes. When people speak, one can tell if they are against a particular race or not. For example, in the sport world, there are cases of sportsmen and women abusing one another on racial basis.

In conclusion, discrimination does not have to be deliberate for people to deem it as so. This is because evidence shows that discrimination and racism exists in a person’s mind. When an incidence of discrimination happens, one may defend that the discrimination was not deliberate yet in that person’s mind it was conscious. Therefore, any form of discrimination based on race is racism because it begins in a person’s mind.Race Understanding Concept Essay

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