Quantitative Research Critique Essay

Quantitative Research Critique Essay

The theme of the reviews on the need for nurses to regard the right data collection plan and its implementation. The context clearly describes various methods of recording, collecting and sampling observational data. Nevertheless identifying phenomena that lend researchers to bio physiologic measurements, observation, and self-reports. The dimensions along which data collection approaches vary.Quantitative Research Critique Essay

In describing approaches to self-report data for example questionnaires vs. interviews, composite scales. A clear distinguishing between probability and non-probability samples compared disadvantages and advantages. Evaluation of the sampling method together with the appropriateness of sample size is used in the study is also focused at. The research is much themed is much relevant to nurses.


Data collection was through direct interviews with doctoral doctors, nurses were issued with questionnaires to fill. The overall finding was that nurse’s evaluation in research helps to maintain EBP guidelines and proper patients’ attendance.

Literature review

The provision of each postdoctoral and pre-doctoral research fellowships facilitated the development of advanced studies capabilities. With the present-day emphasis on EBP, it has emerged holding every nurse liable to a greater interaction amongst people during research participation. The increased technology advancements boost intensive health researchers, this reduces the mortality rate.Quantitative Research Critique Essay


Theoretical framework

Inside the United States of America, research competencies amongst nurses endured enhancing in the 1970s. The cadre of nurses with earned doctorates step by step multiplied, especially at some stage in the later 1970s. The provision of each postdoctoral and pre-doctoral research fellowships facilitated the development of advanced studies capabilities. Computer availability and personnel availability in 1980 persisted to increase nursing until today. Some of the most used keywords are explained bellows. Sampling is the system of factors selected from a populace, that’s the combination center of case observe.

The detail is the primary population unit- typically used in humans study. The population characteristics are defined using exclusion and inclusion criteria, eligibility of criteria (Polit, 2006). Researchers usually draw their conclusions from a handy population” the use of a broader target populace is the group they would really like to generalize their consequences. Representativeness is the important thing criterion in assessing a quantitative observe pattern.

Referring to the level at which the sample stays relevant to the populace and avoids being biased. Sampling bias refers to the systematic underrepresentation or overrepresentation of segment of the populace. The non-random ways of element selection include purposive, consecutive, quota and convenience sampling ” nonprobability sampling. Nonprobability sampling is economical and practical” the largest disadvantage is its potential for bias. The use of the most convenient or readily available group of people is called convenience sampling (Polit, 2008).Quantitative Research Critique Essay

However, quota sampling oversees the division of the population into subpopulations (homogenous strata) to ensure subgroups representation in the sample concerning each stratum, the population is conveniently sampled. Taking of all and sundry who attain eligibility standards over a selected time, or for a selected sample size is called consecutive sampling. The individuals are hand-picked in purposive sampling to be a part of the pattern primarily based on the researchers information about the population.

Probability sampling technique entails the elements selection randomly from the populace, yielding greater consultant samples than non-probability techniques and lets in estimates of the sampling blunders. Quantitative studies fantastic power is imparting statistics this is descriptive for instance, permitting us to capture an image of a user population but we stumble upon difficulties in terms of their interpretation. In a product-development environment, this facts deficiency can cause crucial errors within the layout of a product (Polit, 2004).

Moreover, best someone with a firm grasp of ways they need to use and interpret quantitative records needs to conduct such a look at. For maximum tests, there’s an overreliance at the p-value and sample sizeImplications for practice Nursing is expected to gain evidence-based practice real actualization of clinical evidence in reaching patient care decisions. There may be a well-known settlement that research findings from rigorous research constitute the fine form of evidence for informing nurse’s selections, interactions with customers and moves.Quantitative Research Critique Essay

Nurses totally have the will to bases unique decisions and nursing moves on proof showing that the shifts are clinically acceptable, bringing about high-quality results for customers and price-powerful. Nurses who conduct research proof into their scientific selections and recommendation that they remain held responsible to their customers. This reinforces the identification of the career, nursing. The adequate purpose for nurses to involve in research using include the costly health costs.

Nurses now wish to show social effectiveness and relevance in their actions, not only to be the profession but offer nursing care to clients..


Quantitative researchers pattern their information from the accessible population within the hope of generalizing to a target population. According to PICO interest populace is critical in all scientific studies. The target populace refers to the entire populace wherein researchers are interested. Accessible populace refers exactly to the population target that is available to the researcher. Quantitative Research Critique Essay


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