Psychology of Happiness Essay

Psychology of Happiness Essay

Psychology of happiness, or positive psychology, is a recent research field that is dedicated to the analysis of strategies that allow people to improve their lives and fill them in with meaningfulness. Although the discipline is a relatively new branch of science, it has managed to gain recognition, along with other approaches to treating mental illnesses. Psychology of happiness touches on various fields of social and cultural life and seeks to interfere with the lives of individuals for improving their talents and endowing their normal existence with greater meaning.Psychology of Happiness Essay

Although the concept of happiness is associated with emotion, its importance for the individual’s physical and psychological welfare is enormous. The analysis of virtues, talents, strengths, pleasure, and values are indispensable to define what people should do to encounter positive experience and relationships. Because many nations face a growing challenge of depression, the treatment strategies should not only focused on eliminating the mental disorder, but also fulfilling people’s life with greater pleasure and meaning.

Within a global perspective, there are a great number of models, frameworks, and theories that are focused on understanding and promoting happiness and well-being, as well as on predicting factors that influence this state. In contrast to the traditional treatment of depression and stress disorders, positive psychology is a complementary science that enhances clinical psychology (Carr, 2004 p. 2). There are three large categories classifying happiness from a psychological perspective – meaningful life, good life, and pleasant life.

All these aspects are incorporated in temporal characteristics, referring to present, past, and future (Carr, 2004). Thus, the future is associated with such positive emotions as hope, faith, optimism, and trust. Past time refers to such emotional realms as contentment, fulfillment, pride, satisfaction, and serenity (Carr, 2004). Finally, the happiness of the present is premised on momentary pleasures and gratifications. Within the perspective of psychological treatment, positive emotions directly relate to the personality trait analysis, which is an inherent component of happiness.Psychology of Happiness Essay

To define the level of happiness of people around the world, Carr (2004) has examined over 900 surveys of life satisfaction, happiness, and subjective well-being among people from 45 nations. According to these studies, minority groups, including the African nation, have been scaled as the unhappiest ones due to the social, racial, and political pressures.

As per gender, “more women and young people report extreme happiness and extreme misery compared with men and older people” (Carr, 2004, p. 6). The research on the dependence between age and happiness rates have discovered that the older a person is, the fewer fluctuations of happiness aspects have been observed.

In the studies presented by Seligman and Reichenberg (2007), positive psychology seeks to reduce depression in individuals who have a slight level of emotional pressure. Therefore, health care professionals should realize the strengths and benefits of these models for treating people and complementing depression therapy. Moreover, psychologists should take into consideration various dimensions embracing the concept of happiness among people in various nations.


For instance, western civilization is more concerned with the material values, marriage, and personality, whereas eastern civilizations focus on religion, justice, and group welfare. All these aspects should be evaluated about age, gender, and social position. Positive psychology that emphasizes self-betterment made American society perceive the pursuit of happiness an industry. However, these aspects are not typical of other nations, such as Arab society.

In the United Arab Emirates, like in other Eastern countries, the concept of happiness is associated with peculiar concepts, virtues, and values. Because the UAE population refers to the Eastern culture, their outlook on happiness is connected with social group values, including traditions, cultural values. Therefore, they are less interested in developing such concepts as self-esteem, self-determination, and self-worth (Plante, 2010).

All these issues are integral components complementing the concept of happiness of each irrespective of culture. Because Islam dominates the UAE society, its comprehensive system guides individuals into the happiness that premised on reconciliation and tranquility (Plante, 2010). To become happy, people should be fully committed to religion.Psychology of Happiness Essay

It has been proved that different cultures have different means of expressive their positive and negative emotions. Recent researches have discovered that women in the UAE tend to be more concerned with facial problems. To achieve happiness, they are in constant pursuit of beauty due to the emergence of exaggerated standards of beauty.

In case women do not look beautiful, they feel depressed and unhappy. Therefore, cosmetic procedures have become part of psychological enhancement (Plante, 2010). It is also a means of boosting self-esteem. Focus on physical improvement makes people much happier, which is not typical of the representatives of the UAE community because it has always been made on spiritual fulfillment rather than material.

The influence of globalization and consumerist culture plays a significant role in establishing ways of achieving the aspects of positive emotions. The evident connection between physical improvement and psychological development creates new perspectives for treating mental illnesses and depression.

The quality of life constitutes another perspective affecting the psychology of happiness among UAE people. Although social position might have nothing common with the emotional development of individuals, it still serves as a construct for shaping a specific outlook on happiness (Plante, 2010). For instance, poor people do not associate happiness with material values because they are not available to them. As a result, their positive psychological dimension is directing at exercising spirituality.Psychology of Happiness Essay

About the new perspectives of psychological development and treatment, the United Arab Emirates professionals focus on new, unconventional strategies in the sphere of clinical psychology. Because rapid economic development touches on families and communities in the region, the positive psychology should be oriented on smoothing this transition and creating a psychologically friendly environment to link traditional values with the contemporary expectations (Plante, 2010). Finally, the UAE community belongs to the Asian mentality and, therefore, their positive psychology differs much from that practiced in the Western world.

In conclusion, the positive psychology, or psychology of happiness, has recently emerged as a discipline and science that seeks to improve the lives of individuals and fill them in with new meaning. Therefore, it does not only relate to the traditional purposes of clinical psychology but focuses on new complementing techniques of improving and enriching individuals’ lives.

The emerged models in psychology – a good life, meaningful life, and pleasant life – have broadened theoretical and empirical studies and discovered new mechanisms of treating mental disorders. Positive emotions are differently presented in various cultures. Hence, it has been proved that people in Western society are more concerned with improving their self-esteem and achieving success in a career. In contrast, Eastern societies, including the United Arab Emirates, are oriented on traditional values, religion, and commitment to social welfare.Psychology of Happiness Essay


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