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How does PET scan work? State how they are different from MRI and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Why is radioactively labeled glucose often used as a metabolic tracer? What does it mean if glucose is being absorbed or used in one area more than another?

PET scans expose the body and brain to the radioactive chemicals to identify brain activity (Kalat, 2018 p94). The MRI on the other hand uses scans and images to capture brain function. When there is too much glucose in the blood it is called hyperglycemia. Psychology homework help


What are neural networks, and how do neural networks relate to localized and global brain functioning? What does our knowledge of neural networks tell us about how the brain processes information? How do PET scans and fMRI allow us to see the flow of information throughout networks? Psychology homework help


Neural networks refer to the network of processes the body uses to copy bodily function. This allows for recognition between different data sets (Sharma, 2021). Neural networks show that the brain recognizes and categorizes different experiences t be used in the future. These processes work in that they show blood and oxygen routes in the brain as they should be and over time.


Do people only use a small percentage of their brain? Use what you know about neural networks and functional imaging scans to address this belief. Do you believe that we only use 10 percent of our brain capacity? Would someone be able to demonstrate via various cognitive tasks that no part of the brain sits in the cranium unused?


According to Kendra Cherry (2020), we use all of our brain unless trauma or other reasons prevent us from doing so. By using these machines and knowing how neural networks work, researchers can determine how and when certain areas are in use. To know this, during a scan, the part of the brain that is in use lights up for measurement and recording. Brain compacity is different. I feel that we cannot use that much of our brain to its full compacity because we do not know how. This can be demonstrated using the before mentioned medical machines. Psychology homework help



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